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I've been working with photorealism for so long that working with stylized rendering seems alien to me.
Christmas is dawning upon us t/3/apots, and my church wants me to create an animated short film about the story of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth.

I happily obligued because I am a /pol/ browser which means in effect I am a conservative bible thumper and have been my whole life.

Anyways, I'll use Blender for modeling and Maya for animation. I'll also use Pixar's Renderman for lighting and rendering because it just feels right for this job, plus I have used it quite often, especially since it works great with Mudbox's Ptex texturing and vector displacement system.

So bottom line is I am looking for tips, tutorials, material tips, lighting advice, etc.

Really I need help mostly with creating characters with
>muh stylized proportions
a.k.a., that "cartoonish" feel
Why would you use blender to model if you're already using Maya for animation... Maya is better at modeling now too.
Fucking useless /3/ going all autist on software. Fuck off.

Well OP i would start by studying cartoon animation/characters. Make a moodboard for the style you want and see what is critical about that style. Cartoony isn't hard on techical skills most of the time but takes a lot of concepting to feel right while realism is the reverse.

Try flat shading, bend and stretch, outlines, excegerated proportions etc.
fuck maya 2016
besides Blender is mich better amd easier for modeling than maya
if you can reduce your pipeline to less programs and get the same results you should (though having blender and maya is redundant no matter what since they're both generalist packages, unless you like a certain specific thing one does over the other)
Just less headaches when transferring stuff

Also when you say "stylized" thats just a garbage buzzword with nothing backing it up.
Do you want it to look like pixar? Do you want it to look like Sony animation's more 2D influenced style? Do you want it to look like russian cold war stop motion?
Get concrete style references and then come back
Read The Animator's Survival Kit by Richard Williams. Remember the stuff in that book and your animations will turn out god.

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