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I'm new to 3d. I watched some tutorials for Zbrush. I want to make a model low poly and import the low divisions (low poly) to Unity3d. As seen on pic, is it possible to import to Unity3d the (A) model, and make it look like (B) without adding polygons?
What does normal map do exactly? What does displacement do, and where do I put it in Unity3d's standard shader?
It is possible to import the model A but it's not a good idea s its topology sucks.

Even with normal map the silhouette is not good enough to keep the detail decently.

The process of faking detail on a lowpoly mesh starting from a hipoly one is called baking.

Unity has a dedicated normalmap slot.

My advice is to go and study an actual 3D software other than zbrush because you clearly lack any understanding of the basics.
I bet you're one of those guys who don't know they need UVs because zbrush allows vertex painting.
Is Zremesher in Zbrush a good tool for retopology?
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It's a good base, but if you don't fix a lot of things by hand later on, riggers will murder you and your family will get nothing.

Only model >>>>> decimate in ZBrush + normals

Want to rig and animate >>>>>> learn to model characters

by "learn to model characters" you mean no sculpting and use faces like in max and maya?
yes. zbrush is only a part of the pipeline, it doesn't do everything
normal or displacement maps
dude just google it
you can make a higher rez model lets say 20000 polys and thne retopo and bring it down by more that a 3 quaters and keep all the rez zbrush is amazing

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