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Arca's new album cover by Jesse Kanda.

In many interviews he declared to use Cinema 4D for his artworks.

I'm pretty new to this program and all the tutorials about modeling I found are about interior design or abstract animation.
What about something to modeling materials in this rough way?
I tried to get close to this result using tool as Magnet and Iron but I see that is not the right way to do this.

Any tips?
Use ZBrush instead it's better for that task.
Pretty sure that was a fairly "normal" model with a displacement map applied.
Yes, I found a lot of face modeling tutorials in ZBrush but I'd prefer to focus on c4d right now :)
mmm... tell me more :)
Are you talking about displace the general shape of the body, then the horns, or about the way to "scratch" the body?

Its a normal humanoid model with different kinds of ammounts of displacement applied to it, with strange horns.
It ain't pretty.
Don't you like it, dude? :D I think it's amazing, like all his works
Its pure dogshit with no value
post a 3d artist that you like, possibly related to the technique topic of this post
is very cool
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I don't go to /sp/, but that's most likely pasta.
Any Zbrush artist with knowledge of proportions and design.

Cinema's sculpt tools are useful for quick tweaking. But anyone seriously using those to sculpt entire models doesn't know what he's doing.

Not to mention these models looks like shite anyway but he tries to get away with it under the label of some obscure artstyle.

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