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File: BMWpic.jpg (211.48 KB, 960x540)
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Hey 3,

How do i create realistic looking head lights and break lights?

This is a BMW Z4 I'm working on and for the most part am satisfied w/ the windows, body frame and wheels.

Any suggestion on an easy way to do this? Or suggestions in general?
File: light.jpg (88 KB, 640x480)
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In any vehicle light there usually is a reflector(the shiny mirror part) Just give it 100% reflectivity and put some light source in there. Dont know why you go to ask for this.

i still have much to learn lol. Which light source would you recommend?
>How do i create realistic looking head lights and break lights?
These lights are not only REFLECTIVE but they are RETRO-REFLECTIVE
Not that guy, but just a point light should suffice.
Then you add lens flares and shit in photoshop later.
Also, your render looks like a ps2 game. And the rear wheel is floating. And the car looks distorted as fuck, it might be just the perspective, but it looks off.

I'm using 3ds max, so a standard target spot light?

Will fix the wheel positioning/floating, i saw that too. I think perspective is making it look off, also possibly the car paint material may be too reflective.. do you mean the background looks like PS2 or the car itself? The background is a simple autodesk tutorial I'm following to create city blocks.

Thanks for the feedback
The background buildings look like boxes yes, but also the blurriness.
Your materials seem fine, but you gotta make your lighting more interesting.
>just a point light should suffice
yes it would.
but if you want realism you make the point lamp inside a small reflective dome that will reflect it back onto the cup to be reflected back out the lens of the front.

proper lighting = photorealism more than anything else.

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