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Which programs do you use to design game graphics and how to start? My goal is to make Starcraft-like graphics.

I worked with Gimp in past but it's more for picture manipulation than creating something.
What you want to do? If only create the sprites, the starcraft ones are 3D renders. If you just want pixel style sprites any photo editing software will do, gimp is a good choice.
gimp is a terrible choice for literally everything. If you do want to hand-paint/animate your sprites, try krita instead.

If you want to 3D model them, just start with blender, it'll probably do perfectly fine for all your needs.
The best thing to start with is a pencil and paper. Drawing is drawing. Art is art. You can't do pixel art until you can do art. The traditional mediums are the best to learn with. Start there.

Starcraft is made in the same way Diablo 1 and 2 where made. Buildings and units are 3D models rendered to low res sprites. Blizzard probably used 3D studio max and photoshop to generate the graphics for those titles. But any comparable combination would suffice to recreate the look. Blender + gimp would do.

Checked the wiki page and it confirmed: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/StarCraft#Development
Blender is all you need for the modelling and animation, then possibly Gimp to make the spritesheets.

Picture related, Camel Archer model made in Blender for the recently re-released Age of Empires 2, which uses the same technique (sprites from pre-rendered 3D models) as Starcraft.
And here is how they look in the game.
Not saying you are totally wrong but you aren't righ t either. I can't draw for shit but I can do pixel art, I can sculpt, 3D. I'd say you just have to practice whatever you want to learn. Not saying one can't compliment the other but if you want to make pixel art, just practice pixel art.
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>I can't draw for shit but I can do pixel art

Weird. I mean, placing individual pixels is easier than doing strokes. Everyone can do that. But if you mean knowing the fundamentals: anatomy, perspective, etc it is perfectly transferable knowledge.

Maybe you know how to draw and don't know it (and would just need a few days worth of practice for the strokes).
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>I can't draw for shit but I can do pixel art
>placing individual pixels is easier than doing strokes
>that pic style of pixel art
>Right in the mass produce ranged attack camels nostalgia

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