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File: modo.png (205.09 KB, 1256x768)
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Hi Anons. Im learning MODO 901 and I have some questions. First question is: how to connect these verts? I want to divide this Ngon.
use the new tool they just added, called autodesk maya
C for edge slice, draw a line between the verts you want to connect.

Also you may want to check those edges, it looks like you have a couple overlapping. You can usually tell by the darker shading on them. To check that, just hit Tab and it will proxy sub divide the mesh and reveal any hidden edges.
File: p90progress.png (225.35 KB, 1604x914)
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225.35 KB PNG
Here is OP

Here is small progress. This is my second day with MODO. I have to say that this is nice program, but it likes to crush sometimes.
Why you think that Maya is better?

Thank you. I found that CTRL+L is also nice.

My next question is: What is difference between filling hole with P and CTRL+B?
...Find out... I'm typing faster than my brain thinks.

Because he's only used Maya, therefore it's obv. the best.
Loop slice is a very good tool as well. So is "add loop" because it works like Maya's insert edge where you can use it repeatedly, without having to leave the tool, by holding shift and clicking where you want to the loop to go.

As for the difference between Ctrl B and P I don't know, I've only ever used P. Though they seem like they do the same thing.
File: how.png (137.13 KB, 1064x728)
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137.13 KB PNG
Next question. In Blender I can select part of loop by selecting startpoint and endpoint. Is There something like that in MODO?
I've always just done that by either loop selecting then deselecting in ortho view what I don't want, Or by holding shift and right mouse dragging the polys I want (this can only be done if you set your mouse preferences to Maya mapping). I don't know if there's a shortcut that lets you do that off hand. There might be though.
You can select polys by draging without changing anything, Son next question is: Is there easier way to select loops? In Blender you only have to hold Shift+Ctrl and click between faces making loop. In 3DS MAX you have to select one poly then hold shift and select next one. Done.
In MODO you have to select 2 polys And then click L. double click works only with edges. Is there easier way to do it?
Than selecting two polys in the loop you want and hitting L? I think that's as easy as it gets. That's the only shortcut for loop selecting I know anyhow. I do know that you can loop select multiple loops this way by continually choosing pairs of polys/edges/verts you want in the loop, and all you have to do is press L once and it selects all the loops you designated this way. So I guess that's one way to may it quicker if you're selecting a lot of loops

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