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Hey /3/, im kinda confused about hair.

I see that theres more than one way to create a hair. Theres the traditional poligonal hair, and then theres fibermash in zbrush, xgen in Maya and so on....

Whats the main diference about then? Fibermash in Zbrush can be animated with riggs in maya?

I dont understand and yes, im new in this area...

I just started studying it too. Turns out maya has a plugin called yeti which is fucking bad ass. Its a node based system of creating and grooming hair. I managed to get it working but after a day or two it crashes the whole software. Go with yeti if you have maya definitely. Maya also has a plugin called haircut and shave which is like the second best choice people go for. Hair cut and shave will not work with my version of vray so I'm now using xgen. Xgen was developed my disney and used in tangled. It's a lot better than I though it would be and it partially works with vray.

I use fibermesh when I'm making long hair and it's incredibly powerful when it comes to sculpting. Creating long hair using xgen, yeti, shave and haircut and the usual tools are really annoying and it comes down to curved based guides. You can add dynamic properties to fibermesh yes, all you need to do is convert it to nhair. Nhair is mayas own hair system and you should probably try that too.

Yeti is awesome though, it was used for the witcher 3 cinematic trailer but it's a pain in the ass to install as you have to fuck with env variables.

Thanks. But it means that poligonal hair is gettin outdated? I mean in a not so distant future, this will be a primitive way to make hair?
No, polygon hair is still used for games. The XGen feature of Maya can do polygon hair for you very easily.

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