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Hi there guys.

I'm looking for a affordable 3d modeler to make two mech pilots for a 6mm wargame. They are going to be printed in Shapeways in Extreme Detail.

Send me emails with your rates to karlosrolero@hotmail.com or write here though I dont know for how much I'll be here.

Pic semi-related
The only replies you're going to get are people who can't model at all quoting outrageous rates so you can't call their bluff.

The other would be me but my computers broken right now
File: the fuck.png (382.59 KB, 1134x864)
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I'll do it for a bucket of KFC I'm just really hungry and unemployed, pic related is my portfolio.

>6mm wargame
>Extreme Detail
>3D printed

Just. Don't.
Wew thats a nice bebA
Could you give more specifications? Is there a deadline? I'm guessing the height to be very small but how small? What kind of details would you like to see?
File: received_973139946053898.jpg (202.58 KB, 1920x1080)
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If you don't need it textured and plan to paint it yourself I can do it, I made this kinda meh walking tank a while ago. I'll do it if you buy me just cause 3, which is like 30 bucks from cdkeys. You'd probably get a better result from most people on /3/ but just putting this out there anyway.
File: Reference.jpg (36.98 KB, 600x600)
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36.98 KB JPG
I have done it and got more detail than GHQ the only reason why I dont ask the same modeler is because he is absent from the forums. Extreme Detail is a material from Shapeways as I said, not that I want extreme details on the model.

No deadline. 6mm-7mm, I can give a webpage with especifications on the material. I have a reference pic of the kind of quality I want more or less (he does the same that I want, he makes 3D minis in 6mm for printing). Its a woman and a man pilot from real people as reference but in that "GW/comic" style.


The guy above gives me more confidence but If he cant I will ask you.
never mind, misread and thought you wanted the robot, not the pilot, I can't model organic things for shit. Sorry mate.
Oh, no problem. Nice tank by the way, like the desing. Good luck getting JC3!
Thanks anon, and good luck with getting your model!

How much are we talking about?
Dunno... 100€? It's what the last modeler asked me for two characters. But the price can be discussed via email. If its too low maybe we can get a compromise.
File: 1420177576719.jpg (36.49 KB, 210x202)
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36.49 KB JPG
Well fair enough. Can we talk via e-mail? That way I can send you the references and everything. Its on my first post
File: 1443782741380.jpg (33.21 KB, 640x480)
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33.21 KB JPG
I'm not that dude, but the only people you'll find to do this are living in india or asia
I know I ask for too cheap but Im also not asking for an inmense ammount of detail. Besides, if someone could make it in that price range why not other person? It's a shame the old modeler I asked isn't on the forums anymore he did quite awesome models for that price.
You're asking people to go back and forth with you, getting approval on things, communicating via skype or phone call in addition to modelling and having to pay for software rentals. You won't get this in this country for $150
Im not asking for that, I just ask for comunicating via email the details of the project. I just ask for WIP pictures but I always ensure the person I ask for a job like this to understand my idea and tell me what he/she can do before starting. When the person starts I dont really need that much. I just dont like explaining the full details in public spaces, I prefer to discuss more privately. Also, what country? Because I didnt say where I was from in any moment anon nor said where the person had to be from :/ I just care for people being capable. Or do you think only americans visit 4chan?

Depending on the amount of detail it could be fair or not. The comunication + design + model in the best of the situations will take about a week, more or less 10h of work per character. But im curious, muhfallout4@gmail.com.
Email sent anon.

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