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Hi /3/,

I was wondering if someone here sells 3D stuff in sites like turbosquid, and makes a good living of it.

Hearded stories about people with 500 - 1000 models to sell online, making something like 3k dollars a month. Or even more.

Whats your opinion about it? Can you make a living selling 3D and working as a freelancer?

make hentai games or animate game characters getting fucked by 9 inch dicks and release it for $9 and someone then will distribute it across /gif/ and /h/ totalling a whole $9
That seens an amazing oportunity. Gotta give it a try lool
depends on your skill.
No Way!
A good designer can earn between 10 and 15 grands - a YEAR! All other stories are out of the real world.

Trust me. I'm grown up at this business and after 15 years, I'd seen what they pay. You have to stolen a lot of completes parts on bigger projects if you will finished the results before you bring money in.

Bigger bills like 3 to 5 grands are only possible if you work legally and in bigger teams. But there for you have to share this money within this guys.

NO WAY! Not alone. Not in reality!

I see... sorry for my ignorance but what you mean by "grands"?

And another thing, are you a freelancer? Or are you working in a company?
Is Archviz really as money making as some people make it out to be?
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I make about 2.5k USD/month from sellin' stuff in Second Life. Hardly a very noble pursuit, but I don't think I can compete with the quality of a lot of the TS models. It's a living, though.

What do you generally sell/make? The playerbase has me curious...
Post a sample
File: e5e02985df.png (476.85 KB, 874x845)
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Mostly full avatar replacement kits - furries(kek) and humanoids - as the "Default" avatar is ten years old, and third party alternatives are used by virtually every user. Mine aren't very impressive models - most of the appeal lies in technical complexity, and ease of end-user tweaking.

There'd probably be more money in just modelling /fa/ props like high-heeled shoes and bling - but I'd rather kill myself.

It's really not a market you'd want to push into, though, unless you have absolutely no shame.
Are people super anal about their clothing fitting on other meshes? I feel like full avatar meshes wouldn't be popular, surely their old clothes would not fit your mesh?
File: 734529d26a.png (293.10 KB, 1124x709)
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They're not. Once an avatar becomes popular enough, other people will start making content for it - provided that there are files they can use to build around and reference/copy weight data from. As long as there's a little bit of variety, you'd find the users to be exceedingly crafty when it comes to playing dress-up.

The exception is if you make regular human avatars - some people are very invested in certain old expensive products (Look up SLINK feet. It's weird. Don't question it.), and will harass you relentlessly for supporting these monstrosities - which will require exact vertex alignments to avoid seams. This is the main reason I don't do human avatars any more - dealing with the brazilians and soccer moms who need to be handheld is a nightmare without end.

Sorry for my ignorance, but i couldnt understand clearly what you said.

Youre saying that people usually like to buy models with cloths, just to take their clothes and put into another model to see how it looks like?
No - if you make, say, a muscular female avatar that becomes popular enough, then OTHER artists will want to start making clothing for YOUR model - simply because you've created a new market. <:

You basically have to get lucky, and start a fad.
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i've seen a few guys that begin making "everydays" projects and then when they get good they start working with anyone online that contacts them and then when they got a decent portfolio they get to pick witch clients they accept.
this guy start making 3d everydays i think 2 years ago and he got to make a Google doodle once.

> video copilot
anal lel

I see. Its been 8 monhs that im into 3D modeling stuff, and im still new with not that much experience to work as a free lancer. So im planning first to sell the high poly models i do, like a few shelfs, beds, tables, and UV Unwrap then, and so on...

Then, this way om gonna get more experience and confidence to work for the first time to someone who hire me as a freelancer.

After the freelancer work, and with more eerience than before, im gonna make a portfolio to try a job in some place.

For now this is the way i think im gonna follow. And im learning animation and texturing, rendering and illumination.
>videocopilot.net is worth $1,928,800
what's wrong with it? even J.J. Abrams watch his tutorials see:
also very simmilar to pixellab.net and greyscalegorilla
a grand is slang for 1000 bucks
actually dumbass, "grand" comes from the french word "grande" which means "large". When someone says they want 5 large they meant the highest available physical bill available at the time, which was $1,000.

Please, if you're going to be just another wiki babby take it to /pol/
>wiki babby
If they were a "wiki babby", they would have learned the very thing you just said. Wikipedia is for the most part and accurate source of information, so long as you make sure the page has given good references to back up the claims.
> Wikipedia is for the most part and accurate source of information
wikipedia, my boy, is a site where people are paid to sit on articles and delete or downplay almost all criticism about a product unless the thing in question has become a huge scandal
I'm French. Grande doesn't mean large, it means tall, you idiot. Large means large.

Also, whatever bullshit explanation you spout doesn't change the fact that grand is still slang for a 1000 bucks nowadays, regardless of what it meant before.

If you're going to school someone, do it right.
Lmfao, kid, people aren't paid to sit on articles. It's a crowd-sourced encyclopedia, there will always be more actual users who outnumber any "paid" people and will undo bullshit changes to the article. Stop being such a little cynical cunt.
As someone he is still a beginner in 3D what should I be aware of before uploading something to Turbosquid or similar? I'm afraid I upload something but then people complain about something in the file missing or being wrong.. I don't know

I think you need to create a folder of your model, and inside that folder you need to have not only the file itselft(for example in Maya its a .mb file, in Max i think its .max), but you also need to have a .obj of the model, or a .3ds file, theres also a .fbx file, and so on...

I dont know a lot about this kind of stuff, but so far all i know is this.
Ok, thanks a lot

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