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Hey /3DPD/, I've been messing around with multiple 3D modeling software in the effort to make Source Filmmaker animations (in this case using character models from TERA). My main problem is making sure everything I want to animate can be brought over to SFM(or alternatively MMD if SFM ends up being a bust) and so far I've run into a few issues halting my progress that I cannot seem to find definite answers with the exact extensions and conversions I am looking for.

Firstly, I used UModel to export .gpk(TERA's file for a mesh and all its textures and stuff; one file for the mesh, then another for its animations) to .psk and .psa files(Unreal Engine's general format for the previously mentioned I assume), then opened them up and tried to texture the meshes properly in Blender(I found this program can export any extension that it is capable of importing to be compatible with SFM which is why I am using it to put all my meshes together in a single file that has all the textures already placed) but could not find how to apply a .tga texture. I gave up because in SkelEdit I could easily apply the proper .tga textures that automatically stick to my meshes, so I thought why not just make the models in SkelEdit, then import them to Blender and align each body part properly there, then export to SFM.

Secondly following that, the next thing stopping me was SkelEdit converts my properly textured models and animations into .skm and .ska which I cannot find an addon for that lets me open those in Blender which therein disallows me to use them in SFM.

Basically now I am stuck trying to figure out multiple solutions. Was hoping anyone here could point me in the right direction ie telling me something like use MMD or another animating software instead(though if it's possible to do I'd like to use either SFM or MMD), or if I need to keep to sticking the textures properly in either Blender or keep going with SkelEdit.
You know most models from Tera are already in sfm right?
I wanted to import PC models, or custom character models. Would rather not use DeviantArt's idea of a cute elin.

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