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So /3/, I've decided to get back into modelling and decided to to more complex shapes. Problem is that I apparently don't know what the fuck I'm doing, pic related.

I don't even know where to start. I've got reference pics of all 6 sides, but all my geometry is fucked up and "blocking it out" as a lot of people have suggested before leads to this non-uniform all-over-the-place geometry.

What do I do?
Might as well get help where I can, right? I'm learning very quickly that I actually know very little past simple modelling.
well my advice to you is work with different boxes. the way these things are built, they are not one solid piece of metal. they have lots of different parts and components that join together. So use a different box for the grip, for the trigger, for the barrell and stuff. That would be my initial advice.
File: 92FS Frame.jpg (53.98 KB, 1023x733)
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I wanted to model the frame first, so I'd have a solid chunk to base things on, but someone recommended to start with the barrel, which just seems like something that should be done when I've got a lot of the model finished.

I did want to omit a lot of details to reduce tri count, such as the internal mechanisms and everything the slide covers on the frame that won't be seen.
>which just seems like something that should be done when I've got a lot of the model finished.
The reason you usually start with the barrel for guns is that the barrel is perfectly round.
Most guns only have decent side pictures and lots of angled photos for reference, and it's extremely hard to judge the width of your gun based on these pictures - except for the barrel.
Since you can perfectly judge the barrel's height from a side picture, you now also know how wide it is. You can base the entire width of your model on the barrel width, and get away with it.
make an object for each part and model it with verticies
If you want to build it properly use techniques for building complex objects to get each curve/ piece just as you want it.
Which is mainly using booles properly etc, but what the other anon said about pieces is the way to go, you'll just have to connect stuff later for the one solid complex piece that you want.

Again, remember to learn about how booles work to be sure you do the prep work first to make it work properly. (lines to lines etc)
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>using booleans to model

Can't be serious.
I think he meant NURBS. Booleans is for very simple suff and almost always broken, and need to be fixed. Too much work.

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