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File: Cena 13 -0204.jpg (207.98 KB, 973x553)
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Hey Guys! I'm an animator and I have one of my animations (made at 3dsMax) is in a contest, and I need Likes to win at youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZbNMmENLbo&index=1&list=PLjRmBoj4xQeDBhJuQoqfbx3YRsS-oyP2P please, Can you like it?
Why does your animation look like poorly done mocap.
Because it was hahahaha
It was my first mocap, so, be nice.
I'm still studying.
hey, that's not bad
I skimmed through it with no sound, seemed like a decent story. animations should have been cleaned up but over all 6.5/10
Thank you guys =)
I'd work more on the animation, or rather cleaning up the mo-cap
How jerky it is right now is really distracting to the story and can be confusing to read what is happening. You have to remember, just because you do an action in Mo cap doesn't mean it will be read as that action when its in the CG space, you/your actors need to stay super conscious of body movements, positions and silhouettes in relation to the camera.
Also just an aside, your credits are way too long. Thats also distracting because I stop thinking about how I liked your short, and start thinking about how long those credits are and all the time I'm wasting looking at them scroll by
Thanks for your opinion! I'll remember it ^^
But well, it's just a college project, and I had just a semester to do everything (history, storyboard, concepts, modeling, Mocap, animation and after effects) so it's very difficult to have a very good results. And the mocap "actors" was just two friend of mine that I asked to help XD But your comment will be considered for the future ones! haha =) Thanks thanks!
It would have been decent if not for the romance shit.
hahaha Thanks? xD

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