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Just saw Inside Out and holy fuck it's good.
If you haven't seen it yet, you should. Anyway, that got me thinking about great animated films *cue nostalgia* and so I'm wondering what are /3/s favorite animated films?

please, nig nog
Lego Movie and Rango are my top two Cg movies, because
1) they're fucking good
and 2) they use CG really well, and in a way that making the movie in another medium would cause it to lose a lot
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The Tintin move was pretty fucking good.
my nigga

Also The Incredibles and Kung Fu Panda.
Kung fu panda aint got shit on this panda
I approve this. That movie had all the Real in photoreal.
some vids:
our teacher did a talk on when he worked on this.
most of it was 3d scanned then they just destroyed the mesh to get the look it has, basiclly just masking out things in zbrush and deleting hidden. and somebody on the team made some crazy script to help with the swoops. they had to do it in like a week or something crazy, it was all still either point data or dynamesh im pretty sure
a million times Wall-E. still makes me teary every time.
actually cool shit for people to check out. dont let it die
Me too.
lego wasn't cg

The Incredibles and Wall-E, liked Inside Out but thought these two are better
are you fucking retarded??

>this guy thinks the lego movie was stop motion animated...
>lego wasn't cg

Man i hope you're trolling.

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