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I know this is a stupid question, but I'm a 2D artist and trying to learn zbrush because all my previous clients dried up because they want zbrush models.

I was trained using Scott Robertson DVDs plus I went to his lectures and I pretty much just practice what he taught until I became good.

Is there a good sculpting books that have exercise that build up to becoming a good sculptor?

Sorry if there isn't. It just I'm a bit stuck and I've been looking at sculpting books and they all seem bad. For example, Edouard Lanteri has some exercise but the book is rubbish.

If I had a time machine I would go back in time and kill the person who invented zbrush.

If you trained using Robertson's stuff then I doubt your skill with anatomy. If you can draw you can sculpt, you just need to learn the software. All you need is to learn the software, hopefully you used Loomis, Hampton, Vilppu and the other usual suspects for your anatomy.

Scott Robertson teaches pretty badly, especially his early DVD's. You're just bad at drawing or don't know the software. Or both.
The best way to get good with anything is put the hours into it, Anon. Get in there and learn it, and make sure you're using quality reference when you practice.
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>Scotty Robertson

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