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File: scar5.jpg (1.37 MB, 2240x1680)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB JPG
so /3/,

for those of you who hate to read:


for any of you who can read like 100 characters:

I've been mainly browsing /b/ for a couple of years, but I would like to get a job as a 3d artist at some point. Don't even know how many visits /3/ threads get, but I'd like to get some honest reviews to determine if I am going in a good direction or not.
give up.
that was never an option but thanks for the detailed and wise feedback
just to clarify that is a Zbrush model made from a polysphere
File: scar6.jpg (1.08 MB, 2240x1680)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
bumping with more
its not a finished model
but then again what the fuck is finished in this business
It's not clear by your Op piece just how 'mainly browsing /b/ for a couple of years' relates to your 3D work.

If your main activity for the last few years have been browsing /b/ it is quite possible that you are damaged beyond repair.
ok that's true...
I just meant I have no idea about how /3/ works since I've only been browsing /b/....
but yeah the damage is done for sure
still, some feedback would be gr8 m8
Needs practice. If you can, get some images of sculpted meshes done by professionals, and try to duplicate their mesh side by side as you go.

Once you'd begun noticing the subtle details that make it look real you'll become more experienced.

The human mind is amazing. Doing something frequently enough can teach it how to work as if a reflex movement.
File: __freakyeyeheadau1.jpg (18.50 KB, 320x400)
18.50 KB
18.50 KB JPG
here's a way to shape distances.
File: Bare-Lips.jpg (19.67 KB, 400x300)
19.67 KB
19.67 KB JPG
You need better lips
>browsing /b/ for a couple of years
Arrives on /3/ with horror monster. . .seems legit.

But just to play along - Skin texture is Ok, I don't know what software you used but if you used Blender , don't use particles for the eyebrows or eyelashes, use an alpha texture.

The lips man . . .. come on . . .they are horrific!
thanks for everyone who took the time to give tips, it's good to know there are people who frequent this board and give actual advice lel
I know the lips are horrendous, fucked them up and decided to go with them after doing Zremesh, now the geometry is messed up
I only used Zbrush and nothing else, with some alphas and simple polypaint
just if there are anyone doing characters frequently, please tell me what workflow you have, no matter the program you use.
I usually go Zbrush and do the whole thing there but as I know a lot of people do a base mesh in Zbrush then GoZ in and out of Maya until the topo looks perfect...how hard is that?
Looks as if it is coming along. Most of the face is alright, but the lips, and the inside nostrils - terrible. Brows too close to the eyes. Softer nose bridge might be better. The corners of the eyes could uses some refinement.
Over all shape, and size looks right.
File: scar7.jpg (1.83 MB, 2240x1680)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB JPG
so you think even if you don't plan to animate it's important that the topology is all lined up perfectly? as I usually for now just go with a high poly mesh and sculpt it after a few Zremshes...but it could be worth to manually improve the curves to line up perfectly I guess
thanks for the tip anyways
I try to use real life photos of people for distances, but then again since they are not fixed onto the shape I fuck them up in the end a bit.
thanks for the tip
I use Blender and for my Characters, I use a base mesh from MakeHuman, the topology is pretty good and the character is fully rigged after export.
The Zbrush meme on /3/ pisses me off a bit because unless you want to create a fancy blob monster or a specimen for a biology lab, it's pretty shit!

I think Zbrush might be Ok for an accomplished artist that sculpts a model and puts it on a turntable but for anything else, it's hopeless, the meshes are totally unsuitable for animation.
No, not if you're not animating. You just want basic symmetry in case you plan to animate. The topology around the mouth might not stretch the cheeks smoothly.

If you're not animating, you could put a lot more detail.
At this close, in person you'd see tiny veins, and pores near all of the creases such as the nostrils, and under the eyes.
whether or not you head in the right direction just depends on how you recognize errors in this piece and improve over time, that's entirely up to you

as to what you have here:
model looks kinda lumpy and lips are extremely inaccurate. doesn't seem like you understand the forms of the face and anatomy well, pay more attention and study real faces.

the texturing: in the diffuse it looks like you're trying to handpaint lots of random colors, again understand the big forms and masses to avoid it looking random. the roughness is way too smooth so it looks like plastic, try to undestand the variety in the oil and specular response in real human skin. and if you are aiming for realism you need skin pores, a bump/disp can help with this
zbrush isn't a /3/ meme, it's in general what people use in the industry. whether it's static models or game models or film models.

do you not know what the retopo process is?
> the meshes are totally unsuitable for animation.
God you're a fucking dumbass who knows nothing about the production pipeline. You sculpt the assets to get a high quality mesh TO BAKE MAPS FROM to a low poly. And you simply draw that low-poly mesh on top of your sculpt. Easy fuckin peezy.
God you sound as if a fucking child, the kind nobody wants to bother with, and people agree with just to get you to shut the fuck up.
>the industry.
Somebody save me.
thats just fucking retarded
name one person who has more than 2 eyes
so funney LOL :D xD

Why does she have a concave lower lip ? Come on OP, this is basic shit. Get it together.

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