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I dunno how much its related to 3d but I made this game yesterday, any of ya'll wanna play it?

You're like an ice cube in a hot place and you gotta get outta there
A & D to move, SPACE to jump, M to shoot the glassy stuff
it could go with some more detail but this was kinda just a one day thing so eh
Looks like an awesome Wii game
>I dunno how much its related to 3d
you moron this is stupidly 3d related
also gg on making the same game billions of others have made.
thx mayne, the polycounts pretty low cuz i made it in a day so not much time for super good looking detailed environment crap
actually I was planning on having day 1 DLC, always online DRM mode, and implementing microtransactions and such; I guess if i worked on it more i could do that

also exe file here if u dont wanna play the web version https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1_wALMl0MA2cExNSk1lcEVmSmM/view?usp=sharing
You're not gonna get much love from this asshole board OP, but I think it's great.
This is great ha its super basic
thx, i think u both are great
could you reprogram the shoot to be 'e' instead of 'm'?
would make the game much easier to play.
that would make u switch gravity and shoot at the same time

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