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File: uAW44rL.jpg (650.68 KB, 1440x1342)
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650.68 KB JPG
Anyone here into really low poly modelling while remaining a (somewhat) realistic style?(not talking about stylized stuff)

That stuff really turns me on, especially if you can achieve details with relatively low texture sizes with clever UV layout.

If you do pls share examples, tips and tutorials.

(pic is not mine)
from what i can tell he split the UV's into 2 main areas where he can generate normals good enough to bake detail

still he would achieve far better model if he added another 5k tris in

It probably wasnt the best example. He could have mirrored the UVs of the magazine, the barrel, the handguard, the pistol grip and stock to get more texture space for other stuff since I dont see any significant detail there.that couldnt just have been used on both sides
>That image 'Ben Bolton'

Total 80's action hero name.
something seems fishy with those normals... Are those normals in object-space or world-space?

The part that wraps around the handle that has the trigger on it should not have different colors for the different sides normally, if the normals are in tangentspace...
I think the grip just has a small stripe of offsetted normals on the edge, to make its corners seem smooth, the rest is padding.
hmm, it's hard to tell, but I don't think so, if you look at the corresponding glossmap or the diffuse albedo, it looks like those parts are actually supposed to map to the front/back/bottom of the grip...

Also, everything on the normal map has this weird behaviour, top/bottom of the rifle (even though that seems flat), top/bottom of the round cylinders, etc etc...

Anyway, resolution is low, maybe it's a gradient and it's just hard to tell...
File: normal.png (169.38 KB, 255x512)
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169.38 KB PNG

Its just rotated 90°
File: handheld1.jpg (295.10 KB, 1280x916)
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295.10 KB JPG
I like the stuff, but I guess I prefer going all the way - without shaders and with a low-res texture. Pic related, I love them and their unfiltered texture look, while on the other hand, not being PS1-level with the models themselves. I think they were created for the guy's scrapped PSP homebrew FPS or something.

More at http://www.racer445.com/misc.html - link because I'm on mobile now and I'm a lazy fuck anyway.

almost all of that is stylized

there was a very pretenious faggot who had a lot of dick riders on this board. His name used to be something like Red Racer, but he had the best examples of low poly guns with textures like you're describing.

He kept pretending he invented some revolutionary techniques for texturing.
question, what does the 482 tris mean?
File: polygons-800x238.png (49.11 KB, 800x238)
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49.11 KB PNG


one quad is made out of 2 triangles.

disregard the wires on the image
thank you kind sir!

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