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Max question:
One of my meshes are way brighter than the others in the Shaded viewport (pic related/no textures). If I export/import it as an fbx this fixes it but I don't wanna lose the skin data.
Anyone had this issue? How does one fix it?
Nobody uses Max you need Zbrushâ„¢ and l;earn to study Anatomy.
>inb4 somebody else says it!
You can't stop Goku when he's using Kaioh Ken.
You have to deal with the fact that he's glowing.
do you have a different material assigned to the skin bits? check that.
Same material all around. Pic related is without any materials at all, the white body should be grey like the rest, but isn't for some reason.
It's fine when rendered, but still annoying to work with.
Try disabling Gamma/LUT, it often fucks up the colours.
Also, see if the entire mesh has the same material ID.
Another thought - did you do anything with vertex paint?
And as always, when in doubt - reset xform.
Also, check the object properties if there is something abnormal, like disabled received shadows.
maybe it's the skin modifier
Sorry, I've been been able to monitor this thread as much as I'd like, but yeah, I have used vertex paint. Is there usually a problem with doing this that can lead to this issue?

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