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yo /3/ why the fuck is my tree flat shaded in Keyshot? no matter what material i put on it it stays flat like that. the creature in the back has the same material as the tree on the front so its not the material itself. anyone know why or how to fix this?

bumping cuz i still haven't figured out how to fix this :/
1. Try removing the default material and adding a new one.

2. Ask on keyshot forums

3. Make sure your UVs are applied correctly.

4. Make sure you don't have anything you don't want checked accidentally.

Or possibly, use a better renderer. I use Renderman bcuz
>muh industry standards
i dont think its the material.
just assinged a basic white material to the a whole scene and the tree and rocks turned black, pretty much everything thats from speedtree

idk wtf is going on. ik the normals are not flipped because they worked fine in marmoset and c4d and 3ds max
forgot pic
At this point you should try to create a different tree and then replace the one in your scene. Then reimport everything.
File: TnQRX6v[1].gif (3.72 MB, 581x327)
3.72 MB
3.72 MB GIF
i'd still like to know what the problem is and how can i fix it in the future. its just weird for a model to act this way...
Try the keyshot forums. I prefer offline renderers to these types of render engines. Try linking the tree and the creature's material. Hopefully that works.

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