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File: sadfsdef.jpg (139.54 KB, 960x540)
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139.54 KB JPG
will you critique this stupid thing please?

I going for super hyper witcher 3 cinematic realism.
It looks OK but missing eyelashes and hair. The back of the head looks kind of off, the ear seems to be rotated or something but if you correct that and cover it with hair nobody will care.

Is that how you believe eyes transition into foreheads?

File: Fuuuuuuuckthisshit.jpg (120.94 KB, 960x540)
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120.94 KB JPG
How about now? The ear is still really bugging me though
Because its half way across the head, bring it closer. Top of the lobe should match brow, bottom should meet mouth
Should I use Vray's hair system of maya's xgen for the hair? or nhair
Use maps from hi res photos, make layered sss, real texture us the most important thing
File: sdsdsdsdsd.jpg (151.80 KB, 960x540)
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151.80 KB JPG
I decided to just hide the ear as i already did all the maps and uvs for the model. I added a diffuse, overall and sub surface map to a vrayskinmtl.

The hair didn't work out too well either. How do I achieve the most realistic hair possible with maya and vray?

Your measurements are a little off, check out the book figure drawing for all it's worth by andrew loomis for more idealistic proportions. All of my proportions are off and the ear is past the half way mark which isn't very natural. So I do need to bring it closer but it should really start at the half way mark. And typically it's from the brow to the bottom of the nose.
File: fgfgf.jpg (186.93 KB, 960x540)
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186.93 KB JPG
30 mins for this? Wtf

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