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File: render.jpg (633.31 KB, 1218x1619)
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633.31 KB JPG
It took me fucking ages to fully model this in Blender. I still have to replace the shitty polygon hair with particles.

I'm a Blendfag; don't know or use other software. Can you get the same shit done using Poser/Daz or something in 5 min?
>using box-modeling to do a realistic human
Download ZBrush and learn to sculpt a human. Then you can start creating whatever you can imagine. Programs like Poser/Daz are just character creator bullshit like when you make a character in The Sims, your creativity is highly constricted.
>inb4 look at this shit someone made in Daz, it's amazing!
Nope, they modeled that shit outside of Daz, so irrelevant.
blender has a sculpt mode with dyntopo, try that one if you want to go for realistic. If you want to go for more of a pixar/disney style or other cartoonish style, box modelling/NURBS is pretty much the way to go, IMO.
Blender Dynatopo can't handle the resolution required for serious sculpting. OP can get ZBrush no problem.

> If you want to go for more of a pixar/disney style or other cartoonish style,
Ahh, I guess you aren't aware that Pixar, Disney, Dreamworks, etc.., characters start out as ZBrush models first... Not Nurbs.
you can simply sculpt and retopo if its just a face
OP Here.

Sculpting is still spending hours doing it manually. We have well developed sculpting tools in Blender.

I'm tired of making shit from scratch when people are all fucking same apart from a couple of features you could probably drag and drop from a list in some software.

I'm not looking for full photo-realism, just something that looks aesthetically OK i.e. features can be slightly exaggerated to make it less creepy.

Makehuman is underdeveloped shit. There should be some commercial equivalent that is actually useful for something.
download a random human model and do it yourself
Download Makehuman it's very compatible with Blender and you get to create a decent base mesh in the app, before you export it.

As soon as I saw the catalogue, I knew I would see more shilling for Zbrush . .. .every thread you go in - there is somebody saying "you should use Zbrush" or "download Zbrush" . .. .it's probably a couple of paid shills but it does get on my nerves.
That's all this board is though. Arguing about programs, and no one doing any modeling at all.
File: Dakota Koti.jpg (59.96 KB, 550x643)
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59.96 KB JPG
dakota koti?
>It took me fucking ages to fully model this in Blender.

Because you were learning to do it for the first time, retard.

Make a library of base meshes for yourself, or download a library of them, or use MakeHuman

Whether you sculpt or box model (or ideally both) it's going to take ages to learn, and ages to get good at, and whether you use ZBrush or Sculptris or Blender or whatever is pretty irrelevant except that ZBrush is probably the most feature rich and has the largest community and documentation and so on.
File: hair render6.png (752.85 KB, 734x795)
752.85 KB
752.85 KB PNG
>Makehuman is underdeveloped shit.
It certainly is underdeveloped but you do get a rigged mesh and decent topology. The skin texture is awful and the hair is just as bad but what you have is a base from which to work and increase your skills in other areas.

I am currently try to sort out particle hair in Blender, although there are basic settings you need to be aware of, the variations are mind-boggling and the only way to check your work is pretty much a full render (I don't have a compatible GPU for cycles and it takes me ages.

Here is my current WIP.
>Not just finding someone who looks like the character you want paying them to 3D scan their face
File: D2-p-008.jpg (69.15 KB, 578x480)
69.15 KB
69.15 KB JPG
Tell me when you can find someone who looks like this.
I know of at least 1
Sure buddy, sure.

he means ur mom lol!

Looks like a skinny version of a boss I used to have.

Damn he was an asshole.

Yeah, it kills me that it takes about an hour to render a model with decent particle hair, and I have a supported GPU.
File: hair_settings.jpg (61.46 KB, 448x528)
61.46 KB
61.46 KB JPG
OP here. Funny this thread is still alive
>only way to check your work is pretty much a full render

You can preview the hair OK in edit mode. IT just doesn't have any colour to it. See settings.

If you want to preview the material on strands you can do it in the preview window in materials panel. It's good enough. You can also box-select what part of the image to render if you have to do it fully.

See this:
Now there's no excuse for bad hair just laziness. You can make something decent just by following the series.

I slightly modified and baked the material from this:
Yes I know about box rendering, I had to use it for my pic here:>>501715
the reason I want to look at the full head, is mainly because of layering and the subtle effect from the darker roots on a colour ramp.

I will download the series from BC and take a look. Meanwhile, I don't like signing up to sites if I can help it so could you let me know about the hair factory thing . . .I mean, is it any good?
Post a render.
Why would you want to model that weeb cunt?

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