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So I want to make a movie. I'll have to get better at drawing, but I think that this 3dCG is what will get me started in the right direction. I was wondering what the best programs would be to use to make the most realistic looking animals. Wolves mostly. I'm thinking about this a lot, but I don't think I'd like to go to school again. So once I get my new laptop I'll be working on this idea I have for a movie. If any of you know of programs that can produce life like animals and people please leave a reply. I really feel like a lot of you here know a thing or two about 3dcg. So, I'll let your judgement guide me into the right direction.
Read the sticky, pick a program, good luck.

See you in 5 years.
5 years, all of the skills?
>see you in at least 10 years... at the very least if you want this thing to be done all by yourself and be half decent.

modeling and topology
color grading

>1st thing
what you should do is pick one of these and try to get better at one, you will learn skills needed for the others while getting better at your first. but i wouldnt try to get better at all of them at once, its way too overwhelming

>2nd thing
please dont tell me its a furry movie, if it is. just stop, you are wasting your time. work on something that isnt autistic as fuck and people will actually appreciate what you have done once its finished.

>3rd thing
dont think because you have a new laptop that you will become better at any of this. most of these things can be done on a shitty dual core computer with 4 gigs of ram and integrated graphics.

>4th thing
i agree with >>500811 on the first line
yeah... pick a program, any program.
pick a sculpting companion program that you will learn along side it.
3d coat

>5th thing
3d isnt a walk in the park like you might think it is, the 3d world has some of the most dedicated and talented individuals out there. they didnt become good overnight, many years of work went into the things you see today.
It's not a furry movie. Thanks for the advice. I'd tell you more about it, but maybe 10 years of dedication is what it needs. A lot can happen to change the direction of the movie. It's really just a dream I had only twice. When I was very young, then later when I was in elementary school. One day I'll share it with the World. Or not.

I was figuring 5 years for his first feedback. At least 10-15 years for actual completion. Agreed.
Thank you for helping start in the right direction. Downloaded wings3d and having a blast
Out of all the 3d programs you could have downloaded
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lol ur new to /3/

don't post shit like this and expect real advice

you could make an animation after learning shitty box modeling in a month.

Realistically, you'll need years to produce anything decent.
I'm not going for decent I'm going for best ever made. So realistically 10-15 years might cut it, but who knows I don't know how good I can grow from not knowing anything about this. All I know is what's in my head. It may take time to use this shit, but I'll post results as soon as I think it is worth sharing.
Ya I know. It's shitty. I don't have my laptop yet though. Just saving up for the time being and at least exploring this new art form until I can afford the programs that are more advanced.
>I'm not going for decent I'm going for best ever made.

On your own? Doing everything?

Shit, sorry. Estimate just rose to about 25-50 years . And that's generous.

are u like 12

Based on your spelling and grammar, you might be. Raise your fucking standards, man.
You didnt'make a complete(sentance )and used a comma wrong; so i dont want to hear it,

Oh, I see. You're not a native speaker. Fair enough.
Start small
if you can't tell a story in 30 seconds with a floursack you can't tell a story in 90 minutes with an army of Leonardo Dicaprio's.
A movie made by one person isn't going to look great without some genius design, so story will make or break it.
From personal experience, jumping into a project that you care about and then having a shitty outcome can kill the idea for you. So start with small shit and then work your way up.
Make a rough environment, get a premade dog rig and make a 15 second animation thing. Then try and model your own dog and rig and animate that. Then throw all that away and then start over because your first character will be shit. then make another. Rinse and repeat
Hell, you could even just buy all your assets and only worry about camera work, lighting, and animation (which is still a ton)
As an aside, 2D is way easier for a small team project like this so I'd consider doing that. Mediocre 2D usually looks better than mediocre 3DCG

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