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Im student and i don't have idea how could i model her face, i try for hours but i cant do it
Dude, just imagine it's a toy.
Facial features are extremely simplified or even not present. Shapes are simple and round.
It's basically a sphere with a few bumps.
Look for manga/anime action figures for reference.
Oh, and, most details aren't even modeled. Textures will take care of pupils and eyebrows.
i dont see anything different than most faces.

start making a face. then the eyes.

maybe start with the traditional plane and start eyes up and work from there.


Eye socket, some portions of the face, nose, the rest of the face with it mirrored.

It's chillin', brah. I'm not a pro or anything, but when I start an organic model, I start by focusing on the character and wondering where natural edge loops will go. With humans, it's the eyes, mouth, and face (jaw to forehead). Be sure to keep the nose topology separate from eye edge loop,

Study the muscles, be patient, and stay cool. It's just throwing polygons together.
Well i do this ┬┐Opinions? it my first time modeling a character whithout tutorials
half sphere
quarter triangle
its incomplete stupid, finish it, i cant critique it, its also hard to critique cartoons, aim for minimal polycount and show wireframes too so we can know that too

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