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I use Blender with the mouse buttons swapped (that means using it with left to select like it's normal in most systems).

Now I tried Retopoflow and it seems like I can draw with the LMB but select does not work.

Everything works fine when I swap the mouse buttons back to special snowflake mode.

Some other guy had THE SAME EXACT PROBLEM but instead of telling WHAT actually solved it, he just said it was "an user error" and vanished. I fucking hate idiots like that.

Does that shit run on your machine with mouse buttons swapped?
>I use Blender

Use a real tool, kiddo.
>le real tool maymay
here's your reply
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Okay, solved the problem.
Unlike that douche I will tell you what the problem was.

When you swapped your mouse buttons you have to hold CTRL while LMB clicking to select stuff.

So apparently the plugin fails in completely adjusting to the mouse button swap and the CTRL clicking for selecting shit isn't documented anywhere either.
Ah well, better this than not working at all.
>I use Blender with the mouse buttons swapped
i can't condone this level of heresy.
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There was a time when I absolutely DESPISED Blender.

Me swapping the mouse buttons is a remnant of that time and I STILL don't want to put up with this special snowflake shit.

There are hundreds of thousands of people who have computer jobs and literally click all day long and most of them don't have ANY problems just because they click with the left button.

To me this mouse shit in blender is just the ICON of things that annoy the shit out of people new to this program and I'm incredibly glad that you can swap them to normal which I instantly do when I have to deal with a new user profile in blender.
Left mouse is used for most common mouse actions same as Exel and any other software.
It is kind of stupid that it's like that in Blender, especially after Andrew Price made a pretty compelling video on how (design-wise) to fix all the stupid shit


Yeah, he did, and later he recanted a lot of what he put in the video. He interviewed a UX designer and talked things over with a bunch of the Blender folks, and a lot of stuff in the video just wouldn't work without completely changing Blender's workflow.

He also got a lot of blowback from developers and experienced users, and he seems a bit bitter about it these days. He got something accomplished though; Jonathan Williams (the blendercookie guy) became co-lead of the UI team and has been behind a lot of the changes, like tabs.

There's been a lot of talk in the Blender community about swapping the mouse buttons; I haven't been following it, though. I like it the way it is, personally, but newbies have problems.

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