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I'm an intern at a 3D printing company, I make a shitty wage but as an intern I can't complain. I've been making them 3D models at $10, is this a shitty wage? They get pissed when things take 10-15 hours to make for clients. Am I getting raped on my wage?

I use Autodesk inventor to make my models.
How complex are the models? Mind to share a picture?
>I've been making them 3D models at $10
>is this a shitty wage?
That entirely depends on how long it takes you to make said models... If it's taking you an hour or more, absolutely. If it's taking you 30 minutes, that's a decent wage.

All things are under NDA, so I can't show anything. They're all pretty simple though, and they're being 3D printed so I don't need to make 4K renders and all that, I just need to print them. For example, right now i'm working on a comb that a client drew and wanted made. They have a weird so of brass knuckle handle on it and a design that they want extruded on it.
Fuck you, go back to the roofs you mexican or go complain on tumblr.
Well inters always get wage raped. Thats why people hire interns. When I was an intern I made 200 euros a month for a 42 hour work week. thats 168 hours for 200 bucks or 1.19 an hour. Just suck it up, youll be glad when you are done and they may over you job.
Im an intern and I'm not getting paid. I like it this way because i'm not pressured into boring production stuff. They teach me an insane amount of stuff and we're having lots of fun on the workplace.
I hear classmates at other companies stuck with shit wage doing the most basic and boring modelling tasks. While i'm making advanced rigs for cool projects and get plenty of time to work on my own stuff as well using their software and renderfarm.
So ask yourself, do you get compensation elsewise besides the shitmoney? If not, then go somewhere else.

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