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File: 1446606408703.png (74.92 KB, 348x301)
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- is there a way to make transparent objects actually look transparent in the normal viewport?
I don't like how the eyes of my models are opaque white while working and not rendered. too spoopy.

- is it possible to adjust the alpha of bones in the viewport? it's handy to have them always visible but even the thin linear bones are kind of annoying.
displaying them at 50% alpha would be fucking awesome.
forgot to say it's about blender.
Objects don't become more transparent when you adjust the Transparency on the material in Blender? It does in ever other software...

well they do in the older standard renderer, but stay opaque in the viewport when I use the cycles renderer (which is apparently about to become the standard in blender in the near future)
File: material view.png (734.18 KB, 1114x624)
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734.18 KB PNG

You click on that round icon thing, there you can change between wireframe, solid, and material view.

In material view you can see your objects with their assigned materials with textures, normal maps, transparency etc.
thank you. I had it in material view but apparently cycles does not support viewport transparency (yet?)
File: material view cycles.png (85.06 KB, 1115x822)
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85.06 KB PNG

I set up a quick transparent cycles material and it works for me.

It might be when you have a bigger convoluted node setup that it might not display correctly in material view, but thats just my guess.
File: bones wire.png (104.07 KB, 1431x894)
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104.07 KB PNG
As for the bones I dont know if you can give them transparence but you can set them to wire here(pic related)
File: 2015-11-04_180402.jpg (93.95 KB, 927x1090)
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93.95 KB JPG

that's really odd.
made a screenshot of how it looks in my viewport.
but it renders just fine, just not in the viewport.

as for the bone thing, I'm aware of that but just thought that you maybe even make those lines less opaque. not a big problem but I was just curious.

thanks for your help again!

add trans material like you do and AO as a mask to it. invert the mask. enjoy awesome efect.

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