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I need to create a landscape wireframe in a high JPG resolution (~3K), what's the easiest way to do it?

Something like pic. related.
You want it to be even topology like this? Or?

No, this was just an example, anything similar works.

Depends on what software you're using. You should use Blender/Maya/3DSMax or equivalent

Thanks. So what would be the lightest? Do these provide easy ways to generate landscapes or mountains and then have them wireframed? Or do I import a picture and have it wireframed?
A picture won't work, as there's no real information to generate a landscape from in it. You need a terrain generator. Maya has a nice system that and export Vector images of the render for you too..

Use a terrain generator to export a height-map to be used as a Displacement in Maya. Or if the software can, to simply export a mesh,

Can't you just generate a random terrain with mountains in Blender or Maya?
You could, but it wouldn't be as interesting looking as a proper dedicated terrain generating package. The quickest would to just take a height-field map, and plug it into the Displacement of your shader.

Then go Modify>Convert>Displacement to Polygons.
(You'll probably want a polygon Plane with about 100x100 subdivision and the shader applied for this).
>landscape object
>adjust settings

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