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File: ItsRealisticYo.jpg (8.32 KB, 100x100)
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What does it take to get this good, /3/?


I want to animate like this guy,
but I don't know what program he uses.
Is it Mudbox?
If so, should I buy the full version?

Look how far we've come with 3D tech:


This is the worst thing evar! XD!
File: whimper100ms.gif (3.53 KB, 101x66)
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3.53 KB GIF
That's it?
"This is the worst thing evar! XD!" ??!

That's all I get?!

I CAMPED this thread for 7 hours, just to get that response?!!

.... eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

And it was worth it :')

Glad you liked it, Bry
You realize pretty much all of his "animations" are just using motion capture and applying it to a shitty 3D model? Everything else is just the most simple keyframe movement possible.
Are you blind? Holy fuck, i never thought i'd see somebody this retarded on /3/ in all my years of being here. This shit looks awful. Those polygons are awfully placed and i doubt the UV's are even unwrapped properly. Who even knows how many N-gons are in there. Maybe the whole animation is just one big n-gon with a texture. And speaking of animation - the rigging is fucking disgusting. You can see bending happening at every fucking joint. The artist who made this should at least learn Zbrush or gtfo. I work at Disney and Valve and i can tell you this kind of shit is not accepted in the industry, so i suggest you stop being a literal peace of shit and TRY HARDER.
>>500430 >>500463
File: 1438725258353-v.gif (1019.68 KB, 257x194)
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