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Want to create a game.

I dont know what kind of game yet

Preferably something that runs on Android, iphones and other shit.

And something I can earn money with.

Where do I start or which game engine or game designer/creator/maker do I use?

It needs to be fairly easy (I am good with computers just not a programmer or anything).

And I dont actually know what kind of game i want to make I was just hoping to start somewhere and figure it out on the way

Thanks for the help
you need to be an artist or a programmer to start things off
if not you need to know how to make design documents which is equally problematic for someone that don't have experience or knowledge
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What this guy says is true.

If you can't program, you can make up for it by knowing how to either
1) Make design documents, or:
2) Make diagrams (Class Diagrams or Object Diagrams)

Good programmers will be familiar with either of those 2. (usually)

If you don't know what an "object" is:
think of it this way.
Every thing you see on the screen, in any video game, is an object.

Every enemy is an object.
Link is an object.
Link's potions, hearts, and weapons are objects.

And Classes are like "types" of objects.
(Enemy Class, Player Class, Powerup Class, Weapon Class).

An enemy object belongs to the Enemy class, etc.

Keep in mind, this explanation is extremely simplified. (dumbed down, to all hell)

And, I'm definitely expecting backlash, because of it.

Also, shouldn't this be in /g/ or /vg/?

I know that /g/ usually has an active programming thread. (or is that /sci/ ?)
I have some basic game maker skills but i fucking hate programming

like seriously I will not do even a single 10 letter line of code

I have tried programming for 10 years but i just cant wrap my hand around

i dont understand 1+1=2

but if I do modules then I understand it.

If I have a visual, i cant do text but visual I am good at. I am capable of making a game in game maker where I move someone with arrow keys and can make jumps etc, but i just dont wanna do any code

when i watch tutorials people always use code and i fucking hate code so fucking much i tried it for 10 years but im dyslectic or something i just cant ever figure it out so if I get a visual on it its way easier

but im stuck at some points with it for example I can make it jump and walk around but I have problems with collisions and all collision tutorials are with code and I dont wanna copy paste it i wanna do it myself with modules because I actually want to understand what it does and i feel bad for copying out of tutorials
what I mean is I understand shit like onbuttonpressed=action this and unbuttonrelease=actionthat but I cant translate this into code with some weird 1+1= symbols thats my weakness

I need to visualize it in order to be able to make it, and I need a dropdown menu with options instead of coming up with the words myself

i hope i understand it clearly
File: gamemaker1.jpg (214.19 KB, 1920x1038)
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this is a game im making now at the moment its only a player that can move left and right and jump and it has collisions

so i made pretty much the entire game without any code but I only have 1 problem which is whenever it collides I cannot make it move, so I have to keep on jumping to make it move

I am trying to find a way a way to make it only be able to move left and right instead of falling through the floor but everything I find is with like 10 lines of code i dont understand shit from

so yeah i can copycat someones tutorial without knowing what it does or i can find the trick to make it so it can move left and right while colliding with the floor

its only 1 thing that is currently the problem and I Have proven I dont need code i just need a way to translate the code into something visual

Then you will never make money off mobile games.

Optimization is so fucking important on ARM based platforms and you can't even do the basics. You'd have to use some graphical interface and have no control over the raw internals of the app.

You're going to have to aim for the PC market or find a programmer. And in both cases you need to find a way to still be relevant and get extremely lucky.
Instead of learning programming,
just choose the game's device;
then, find a Forum/Community that makes game for that device.

Google "Android Dev Community,"
or "iPhone dev forum," or something like that.

You might get 1 or 2 programmers who can make your game happen.

I'm a coder, but I only know Actionscript 3.
I might move onto C# or C++, but for now I'm kinda useless.

I'm good at reading Class and Object diagrams, though, and turning that into workable code. (it's called OOA)

Try this:
Make image files.
Then, make comments within the image file.

Something like:

File: HardWall.jpeg
"Players, enemies, projectiles can't go past these types of walls."

File: SoftWall.jpeg
"Objects can go right through these types of walls. Bullets, enemies, players."

File: "BreakableWall.png"
"Player can't go past these walls, unless he breaks them with an axe, grenade, or Sonic Spin Dash."

File: "Flag.bmp"
Catch this flag to win 10 points for your team.

File: "Shotgun.png"
Shoot multiple enemies with this.

Or, slowly learn how to code over the course of 2 months.
(starting with learning basic syntax, obviously)
I have literally spend more than 3000 or even 10000 hours on trying to code, i have tried java, C+, c++, C, visual basic, expression2, python, php, and now gamemaker coding language

i have tried these for the past 10 years

the only codeing language i can do is html and even then I still need to google it everytime

i just cant code, i need to see it in front of me in order to work with it
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Yes, this is all true.

Even if your game is beautiful,
that beauty comes at a high cost, on a mobile.

* Power Usage
* Choppy Framerate
* CPU / GPU cost
* the device might "heat up"

Optimization is not easy for new programmers.
You'll need to have intimate knowledge of "Garbage Collection" as it relates to the device and the language that you use to program.

If basic syntax is kicking your ass,
then the slightly more advanced topics, such as encapsulation and polymorphism will make your head spin.

And the topic of design patterns would be as far off as Jupiter.

Better to partner up with a coder, and use your charm and personality to coax him or her into going along for the ride.

Just give up then. It's clearly not for you. Find something that is. I say this to help you.
nvm i fixed it, it was easy as fuck i just had to find the right tutorial

why don't you simply use ruby?
c++ is syntax heavy and not recommended for anyone to begin with
i also tried ruby at some point but i just dont understand programming
i am just about the same
i went with art instead
I was just thinking about this today how hard it is to make an optimized game for mobile devices and tablets.

I know my way around in Unreal and Unity and I know some simple coding (c# and javascript) and I also have some artistic skill, but I never had to be concerned about hardware limitations, I allways try to keep my polycount as low as possible anyway. Are there things/rules I need to know?
how about you make a simple game with your own art (something like farm pong) and deploy it on java/ios and try
Pretty much, your mind is in the right place.

To optimize:

* Use as low-level of a language as you can get.
Use a variant of C, straight-C, C++,
or assembly(?)
* Don't use too many frameworks.
For example:
using 3 physics/3D engines
2 2D engines,
1 Tweening Engine
1 Realistic Water-Splash Engine
you might get what I call Frame Rape;
if you're good enough, then you can avoid Frame Rape.

* Use bright lighting ONLY WHEN NECESSARY.
The darker the screen, the sweeter the juice (battery life cycle)

* ↑ That goes for effects, too:
don't have too many fancy particles and explosions all
in the same frame (Frame Rape!)

* Break BIG loops into small loops, if possible.
For example:
Instead of sticking a large For loop in 1 frame,
divide that For loop into 5, 10, or 20 frames.
This helps avoid "lockup", where the game will just freeze/crash.
* Use mipmapping (?)

* Don't use [Embed] tags to upload images
it bloats the game's file size, and
it's taxing on the RAM, I think.

* Crame all of your images into a LARGE texture, if possible.
It's better than using 50 individual files,
and your GPU will love you long time for it.

* Upload your textures in the best possible format for the device.
Some device manufacturers have their own proprietary image
so, often times, JPEG or PNG are not optimal.

* Use Object Pooling (aka Object Recycling):
An example:
limit the amount of projectiles a player can shoot;
instead of letting the player create 10,000 plasma
bullet objects, create just 10 bullets at the start
of the game;
then, recycle (use) those same 10 bullets over and
The Garbage Collector will love you long time for it.

* Uhhh... anything I'm missing?

for audio performance use uncompressed soundfiles for effects called often and for longer tracks he should use a reasonable compressed format to save disk space.
File: ThankYouTakeThisCookie.png (227.23 KB, 314x295)
227.23 KB
227.23 KB PNG

Thank you.
I'm adding that one to my "How to optimize" file.

Makes sense to use uncompressed soundfiles for sound effects, since there is less overhead.

Wa wa wa!

What about maps, LOD and such stuff?

How would I make a bigger city map or a map for a racing game?

For phone stuff LOD isn't generally a concern because you'll be wanting to run on the lowest possible quality mesh all the time.

Bigger city as in what scale? That doesn't really mean anything.

Like GTA3 sized maps or something similar.

For maps:
You don't want an entire city to fit inside of
a mobile game; so, small maps.

For a racing game that means:
maps that are U-shaped, or O-shaped,
maybe with some variations here and there.

As for MAKING maps?
I've no clue, sorry.

I've tried getting into 3D, two years ago,
but the 3D framework I was using came with
no instruction manual,
no reliable tutorial,
no PDF file
no active forum.

For LOD, I took this info from another page:
"In Unity, you use the LOD Group component to set up LOD rendering for an object. Full details are given on the component reference page" (http://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/class-LODGroup.html)

Not sure if you're going to use Unity;
if you aren't,
then, download a generic LOD algorithm for your
language/framework of choice...
... and hope it works.

OTHER CPU/GPU Optimization tips:

Create generic skyboxes (outer space, blue sky, none)

Create very few NPCs (including enemies)

Create very few animations / models in general.

Create very few objects that are "clickable".
Making a 3D object "clickable" is
very math-intensive on the CPU.

Create PS1-style graphics:
If your object looks realistic, then you're overdoing it.

That's not happening on mobile unless you're a fucking master of optimization already.
Is this a joke?
You need to do that on step not create otherwise it's only called once. Also gml is the easiest thing ever just spend a few hours and it should come pretty quickly
>Like GTA3 sized maps

You don't.

I know I was aiming high, but obviously it isnt impossible since Rockstar was able to port GTA3 to iOS a few years ago, so I wanted to know how it works

My guess is they divided the city into tiles and only the tile where you are on has any detail, while the other tiles are represented(if represented at all) with extremely low poly models, or just billboards. Or the bridges function kind of as loading screens.
File: 1436272596776.png (596.77 KB, 1896x858)
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596.77 KB PNG
If you need visual representation of coding then Unreal Engine is just what you are looking for.

Pic related. Some russians are making MMO just in blueprint system(node based programming).

BUT as far as I know, Unreal is still weak in mobile dev. There are examples that you can check, I did see one game made in UE for iOS that even got 50k grant from Epic.

Had same problem with getting into programming, but blueprint system just feels intuitive for me. Maybe real programming will be easier after this.
procedural loading is what happens as you're talking about "tiles".

but yes that's how it's done.

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