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Not sure if this is in the right forum area, but I'm trying to port models from DA origins (.mmh) into models usable in Hammer (.mdl). I've managed to extract a model from the game, leaving me with three files (and the .dds texture file). Here's an example:

With a program I found on the internet, I converted the .mmh into an .obj file. At this point, I could either:
1. Use OBJ 2 SMD. Tried this, and it didn't work. Got this error:
OBJ2SMD Converter - Parsing Arguments
Axis: Y-Up
Reports: Off
Files Found: 1
Beginning Parsing
File: plc_barricade_03_0.obj
The Groups and Image counts are not the same.
Groups: 17 Images: 1
2. Import the OBJ into a 3D editing software (such as Blender or 3DS Max). I attempted this with Blender. When rendering the model, I was able to see the model in perfect form, fully textured and looking good. I exported in the .smd format, which I was then able to compile into a .mdl format. From here, everything looked good. But once I loaded up the model in Hammer, all the entire model had a black texture. It's as if the texture didn't even apply. I believe there's something I'm missing in Blender (UV Mapping?) but I honestly have no idea.
Here's a download link to the files I'm working with: https://dl.dropbox.com/s/lzv6nl6sexypq4p/plc_barricade_03_0.rar?dl=1

If anybody could help, or perhaps direct me to someone/somewhere that would know how to solve this problem, I'd be very grateful.

Pic related, it's a picture of the .OBJ after I import it then click "render". The right side is the rendered version.
Out of all the processes you want to do, you want to go from Origins to fucking Hammer? What the hell are you doing with your life?
Make sure you have a .vmt file for your mesh and then manually apply it in Hammer

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