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So, I'm about to begin animating a duel scene and i am wondering how i would go about animating it.

Would the actors in the duel need the weapons attach to their skeleton in maya or would they need to be separate objects?

How would i go about attaching it? would it just be skin bind and set it to 100? or what.
weapons / props should be separate objects.
personally i would use a PointOnPoly constraint.
(Rigging menu set > constrain >pointOnPoly)
select a vert on the hand, then shift select the sword then apply the constraint.
You can use the third last attribute from the bottom of the constraint attributes to animate the constraint on and off, which is useful for a character letting go of their weapon.

You'll want to do some sort of parenting/constraint setup. Don't fucking skin it to the skeleton.

No. Stop.

Props are separate objects; you want your character to be able to let go of a sword or a shield.

I'll try to explain the process:

First of all make sure that all the parts of your object are grouped.

Now... you parent the group to a locator and you check that the locator is moving the group.

Done? okay, now you have to create another locator and parent that to the controller of the hand of your character. This usually results on an IK sort of controller.

After that you parent/constrain the locator of the sword and the locator of the hand.
This should allow, when active, that the controller of the sword controls the hand so you end up with some sort of IK control which is convenient whenever there are interactions that require simulating weight.

On the attribute editor you will now have an extra tab. You just 1 to activate and 0 to break the connection.

On a side note i will advice you patience because you are gonna experience a lot of frustration here.
It's a trial an error thing the first few times to get it right because the direction of the parenting is important and parent/constraints direction is opposed to regular constraints.
This is a terrible way to work. Never control the hand by moving the sword. The hand dictates where the sword moves, so just attach the sword to the hand and animate the hand as usual.

The only reason he would have issues is because the method you described is a round-about way of accomplishing a simple objective.
There is an exception. Ofcourse you should parent he sword to the hand but you should also make an IK from the tip of the sword towards the arm.
Imagine when the swords clash. If you only have FK you gonna have to counter animate all the momentum, you don't want that because it will result in jitter and destructive workflow.
So basicly he needs both FK+IK. FK for swings and general movement and IK for parry/object interaction like stabbing.
You can do all of these strategies at once by having driven keys modulate the envelope on all the constraints. Allowing you to harness the strengths of each set up.
Why the hell does your knight in full plate armor need a shield?
> I know nothing about sword combat. Please adjust your work to suit my notions of how things worked.

At least you didn't tell him his software is shit.
His drawing is good, however the advent of full plate armor made the shield obselete. A little historical research wouldnt hurt

Historical? Look at the fucking armor. That is pure fantasy fodder. Look at the pauldrons, look at the fucking helmet. And that is perfectly fine.

Stop whining about historical accuracy when it's not relevant.

Nobody gives a shit in fiction, be it film or games unless they're aiming to be realistic.

If you want to complain about something then point out his spurs which imply that he is a mounted knight and the choice of his weapon.
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