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Hey guys , I need help, big time . Basically, I'm a beginner in Zbrush and have to make a character for school . I worked there for a week with Zbrush6 and saved my file as ZPR format .
Now , i'm working from home and I only have access to the ZR7 format .
What I'm asking you guys is if someone has the 4R6 version and would be nice enough to convert my file to ZLT instead because I can't do anything with it ATM.
I can send it through email . I'm not sure how I could repay whoever helps , but I'd be extremely grateful . Thanks a lot.
100 mos. Can send it through wetransfer since gmail is limited to 25.
Anyone? :(
I'm gonna make 3d Yoshida porn because of your thread.

Zbrush should be able to open older formats look in the import options. But beware thay saving it as a later version will definetaly bar an older version from opening it.

That's the thing, 4R7 doesn't handle ZPR .
Already tried to import it a million different ways, sadly.
I just need to have it converted to ZLT.
Just post a link to download your model and we'll give you a link back.
www dot filedropper dot com(slash)yoshi2

there you go.
... Your file opened fine in my ZBrush 4R7. Are you on Patch 3?

I downloaded the trial version less than two weeks ago.
Still can't open the file...
here you go, with a project save you save all the models in use, lights, mats etc, the file size gets really big because you're saving the history undos, you should turn that off.
anyway i put all the other models in the same subtool for you
www dot filedropper dot com slash yoshi2_1
remove spaces
YES! Thank you buddy . I love you forever . <3
Did you try simply double-clicking on the ZPR file and letting ZBrush launch itself?

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