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I know "furries" eww. However; aside from that. I am curious if there ARE programs like Poser or DAZ that have pre-made furry creatures / monsters. ( Monsters in general too. )

I've only started learning to use Blender. I have no interest in Maya / 3D Max as last time I used them they where so bad I gave up on 3D for years. ( I know things can change but no thanks, another thread to argue that no doubt exist. )

My question is: It seems like there is literally ZERO 3D models I've seen involving furry type of characters, I think of them more as monsters without being like Resident evil like etc... I'm curious about what a talented 3D modeler animator would do to make believe looking furry monsters, animations and the like. Sure with the sex stuff, but just in general...

Any ideas where I could get some help on making those types of creatures?

I already know about a 3D sex porgram with 3D models, already modeled etc but not what I mean. I mean literally showing steps to making models, animating them rigging etc...

I want to see how its generally done, cause at the moment, my understanding is great with human anatomy, but animal characteristics mixed with human topology in 3D I can't quite figure out how too begin.

I want something believe not a human body with a placed holder zebra head or whatever.

Blender / ZBrush ( just got ) traditional drawing, digital drawing is my back ground. I have a Wacom 4 tablet, large.
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I hope you're aware of the fact that they will remove your thread quite soon.

That aside,
they are still here and there. For example in World of Warcraft as Worgen.

Since the end of the 90's, anthro characters are usually intentionally designed to look ugly because mainstream artists and game studios are too afraid to be called weirdos.

One of the best examples, WoW. Top is original concept art and bottom the actual outcome ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gfz84rZH55o if you don't believe me )

For DAZ/Poser there's that butt ugly Starfox Krystal model and some others like the obligatory ugly werewolf/cat people and a character series called Melody (cat type).

Beginning with 2016 there seems to start a string of anthro character related 3D movies by really, REALLY big studios for some unknown reason, so I guess you can expect some furry stuff hype in the coming months/years.
> /3/ has janitors

There's Zorryn. He does some damn fine models, If I'd say so myself.
He uses C4D, though.


Maybe he can be of help to you.
Or at least, help you get a general idea on how to go about anthro.
>he didn't name me

maybe I should calm and resize my tits to smaller sizes in the future and begin to post on DA so senpai will notice me.
Take a look at the WoW models for Worgen.
Also, newer second life content - tons of furries there.
Well, go on.

Show us your stuff.
OP here thanks for the info, links to that one artist. I actually found a link that lead me to someone who makes "furries" and better than I thought. And thankfully not sexual stuff, as i'm not interested in that FOR NOW...

I'm looking into Cinema 4D that seems pretty easy to use, trying demo now. :) Cheers thanks.

>And thankfully not sexual stuff, as i'm not interested in that FOR NOW...

This made me physically cringe.
> perfect sexy female body with huge tits and nice ass
> replace the head with some stupid furry face
> omg furries are so hot

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