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File: issue1.png (367.90 KB, 874x554)
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hey /3/ i'm a student doing a 3D modeling course at College, in not new to it but ive got a problem that ive never seen before, i'm using 3DS max 2016 and i keep getting this warning pop up when i open any .max file or just a new blank scene... please help, i have an assignment due in a week and i really need to carry on with this... ive already tried uninstalling and reinstalling everything AUTODESK related on my PC, i'm using the student version and my PC specs are good, ive never had this problem before

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File: issue2.png (387.88 KB, 879x555)
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when i click OK, this next box pops up

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File: issue3.png (379.11 KB, 884x560)
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379.11 KB PNG
when i click OK again, this comes up:

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File: issue4.png (63.17 KB, 1252x1032)
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63.17 KB PNG
Regardless of what i click after that, this comes up, im unable to use anything, then after i save the blank scene or not, it crashes, please help

>Picture 4/4
Reinstall the program.

Alternatively, share the scene for others to test.
its not one specific scene, its any shortcut to 3DS max or existing .max file

ive already reinstalled
Install 3ds Max on a different computer and boot it from there. You can port the installation to a flash drive or the like.

I think I'm out of suggestions at this point.
Maybe your hardrive is going bad? Bad sectors could cause issues even after reinstallation...Worst case scenario reinstall the OS.
run a ram diagnostic.
i had a bad ram stick once that 'caused a loop and fried my hdd while transferring files and i was getting the same type of errors prior to that.
Are you double clicking files to open them, or launching, then going file > open?

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