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Hi, I'm using blender for this. Anyways, can you guys give a complete newb any tips on modelling weapons? And before you say anything, i don't want to do something pic related tmm, just please give me some basic tips.
try to get a side and a top view of the gun. put them as a camera projection from the top and side camera. make a cube and try to match the shape from 1 angle, then move to the next and move all the points you made for the other view to match the reference

this might help
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>what is spoonfeeding to the max
not falling for it.
Just kinda want tips, but ok, asshole.

Well apparently you're too good to use the cornucopia of information in our sticky.
> just want tips
don't drop the soap ;)

i know that's not a deagle in your pic but it's a pretty good place to start.
alright heres what you want to do
1. get your references
side, front, rear and top are what you usually need.
2. start with the side view and model all of the topology of the side view.
make sure you get every curve and do not skip any parts
3. separate the parts
separate all the parts that move independently or have complex geometry.
4. add a mirror modifier
extract the plane to the thickness shown in the front view
then click clipping and delete the faces inside the mesh
5. adjust the loops to fit the shape of the gun
6. detail all the parts
7. texture.

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