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I mostly stick to organics but I've opened a Fiverr store and have been doing some things lately that get me out of my comfort zone.

How can I make this better/What are some good workflows for doing hard surface armor stuff?

Any crits are welcome! Thanks!
box modeling
remeshing is the best advise i can give you
splitting your mesh into more and more parts as you go
using topology brush, masking and extracting, splitting mesh into polygroups and dynameshing

replacing old parts with new made from scratch using old ones as a guide for shape and placemnt

but really, watching a master at work is the best way
Thanks bro. I don't think you're as big a faggot as everyone on /3/ says you are <3
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t-t- thanks

kek, but seriously, fuck them

also something i forgot to say

use refs and think how shit works
i mean he has shoulder pads, right?
but how they are held in place?
straps under the armpit attached to the chest piece?
is the chest piece a 2 parter or one parter? how it dosnt fall down, are there straps going over his shoulders?

you make think that details that are not visible dont matter, but they will help you visualize your own model and improve on how it works, slap some simple straps done with the strap brush there
treat this as an bas eon which you will work from start, and google how people do chain mail etc, you might want to use micro mesh for that
Good advice. Thanks dude.
Out of honest curiousity, why did you start a Fiverr store? It looks like a lot of the work offered is below the minimum wage income, so it seems hardly worth the effort.
I started it because i wanted a copy of MGS5 and I was broke and looking for some quick cash. I keep it open so I have spare change for Humble Bundles and Steam sales these days though.

Not to mention before I did this I was just doing game projects that kept falling apart with nodevs that didn't pay me anything.

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