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Looks great IMO, anyone use it here ?
its marvelous :^)
fo real tho its probably the best cloth simulator with the easiest interface out there.

There's been several threads about it and people talk about it all the time.

Thanks for the answers ! I would like to know if it used for UE4 cloth simulation.
I know it has been used in UE games, but not sure about for simulation.

It simulates the cloth in its own editor, but its simulation tech is just for creating the final semi-static mesh. Cloth simulation in ue4 is done via the apex cloth system, which is completely different.

And its is very heavily used these days. If your doing highpoly characters you should know how to use Marvelous Designer.
Nope. But you can bake a clothing animation from it into a vertex-animation to be used in any game engine, and then you can blend between those vertex animations depending on your animation state. This the the more efficient way to give a semi-"simulated" look in your game without the big performance hit. And also keeps physics issues from happening. But obviously, simulated in-game is still the better option if it's within your performance target.

The interface is pretty good. It's easy to use. You will end up fighting it if your background is 3D modelling because the things you'd do to build a model in it are not the way you would do it in a regular 3D modelling program. If you're someone who has a background in sewing then you'll love it because you craft the clothes in the same way you do in real life.

It's expensive as fuck but for making decent cloth simulated models it's pretty much the program to use. It has really good cloth simulation.

The topology it creates is... well, it's garbage. If what you want is something that looks good in a single pose then it's okay, but the topology won't animate well. You can animate a sequence in it and then export the frames as morphs so that you can animate the base mesh by the morphs and that will help a bit but it makes for a lot more work.

Honestly you're best to use it to make your initial cloth mesh and then use Zbrush to retopo it into something that will animate better.

As for the company itself.

They will lie to you. They will tell you bald faced anything they have to in order to get you to buy the software and then break every promise they make. If they think it will get you to buy the software they will tell you that when you buy the software, every month 12 Korean beauty queens will gently cup your balls while swallowing your cock. And after you buy the software and wonder where the hell your koren cock gobblers are they'll say "So sorry, me no speakie engrish. Transration error."

Honestly they've been fucking over their customers with big promises and then not delivering since day one and they blame every one of their failures to deliver on "oh we don't speak English so we didn't know what we were saying when we made those promises. Give us more money now".

But if you already have zBrush or another program that does good retopo MD is a good way to get your cloth sim base mesh.
>they will lie to you

wow man, what happened ? For the few clothes I need to do, the price and what you are saying I think I'm well staying with ZBrush for the moment.

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