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File: mummy help.png (126.77 KB, 592x465)
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Starting out in rigging and am making this character for an animation project
How should I rig his face so that he can do expressions like on the right? (with the top bandage acting like a unibrow for him to emote but so that it follows the curve of the black "marvin the martian" black void thing he has going on)
Its a small short so conceivably I can just blend shape all of his expressions but for the sake of learning shit I was wondering if there would be a better way
cool, I know how to make blendshapes, I was just wondering if there was a better way
not really. face rigs are usually painted weights with blend shapes
File: 1445746087508.png (60.08 KB, 258x465)
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attach joints to nurbs curves, create blendshapes to nurbs to drive the joints. similar effect to mesh blendshapes, but with more fine control of faceshapes with joints
can you explain what you mean by "creating blendshapes to nurbs to drive the joints"?
Wire deformer.

select the edge of the "brow" and go Modify > convert > polygon edge to curve

then use the curve as a wire deformer on the mesh, paint the weights for the deformable area. Then create whatever kind of controls you prefer to drive the CVs of the curve.

The way i would control each CV on the curve is to select them individually and go deform > create cluster

Then parent each cluster to a control shape.
I would then have an overall control shape for the face, which would be parented to the head control.
Group each control shape for the wire deformer, and parent each group to the face control shape.
Create custom attributes on the face control handle for each expression you want and use driven keys to have those attributes drive the wire cluster's groups.
because the clusters themselves are still at 0,0,0 local co ordinates you can still animate them individually to tweak the driven keys.

I hope that is somewhat clear. I've done set ups like this a lot and it's very robust and offers a lot of control and freedom.
Yeah that sounds good, I've tried doing CV curve controls before but shit the bed, but this seems more straightforward than other guides
Thanks a ton!

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