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sup /3/ just asking some questions about the possibility of transferring from engineering CAD/CAM over to 3d Modelling

Currently doing an apprenticeship becoming a CAD Technician at a well known company. The course they offer is good and ill get to know the in's and outs of using Solidworks. I have past experience in both Solidworks and Inventor if this makes any difference. My ultimate goal is to somehow learn how to use a 3d modelling program (currently got my eyes set on maya) and design for vidya games in some way or another. I had ideas about applying for somewhere like Autodesk for Inventor, then maybe learning skills with Maya within the company if at all possible.

I have no real experience with 3d modelling software, but I am already very confident with Inventor and Solidworks
3d modeling and CAD modeling are just very generally related in that you're working on "3d objects". They approach the problem of model creation very differently though, CAD being very precise but complex shapes are harder to do while normal 3d modeling is far less precise but you can make whatever you want by pushing verts around without much thought.

Being a good CAD engineer won't make you a good 3d artist and vice versa, I'm afraid.
Yeah I know this much, but i'm wondering what the best way to transfer between the two could be
shit doesn't transfer, brah

get whatever program you believe you need and start doing tutorials until you're familiar with the interface and some general modeling techniques. Then you can start making your own stuff.
In my opinion starting in CAD and going anywhere else is infinitely easier than the reverse. (from experience)

There isn't much value in being competent in CAD, other than understanding workflows in 3D space. (as it relates to creating VG models). Some tools are the same, but that's where it ends. If you're serious about it, get a Lynda account and start watching some game development tutorials, and apply as much as you can with an open mind. You'll still be way ahead of the curve of those starting with no 3d experience. Good luck.
If it doesn't transfer my best bet is just starting from scratch then right?

I'm looking into 3d modelling more than cad because I prefer designing more interesting things than pipe fixtures. I'll give that website a shot ty

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