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I need help with how to access OpenCL options for faster Cycles Rendering in Blender. I got tired of bullshit of looking up in Google, and not even BlenderArtist is willing to give me straight answers.

The chip type is Intel(R) HD Graphics Family and its version is 10.18..14.4112. and I don't want to fuck up my PC.
You need to add and set an environment variable "CYCLES_OPENCL_SPLIT_KERNEL_TEST" (without the quotes) to 1. FYI I tried OpenCL through Intel on my netbook and Blender crashed due to running out of memory.
Do I need to get TechPowerUp first, or is it already installed?

Where do I download/find it in web/PC?
You can't do faster Cycles rendering with no dedicated GPU. That's the reason why you can't make use of that stuff.

You either need some recent Nvidia card or something by AMD but AMD support is quite buggy still.
Damn. Is there a way to make faster Cycles rendering then?

Is render engine possible for Blender? Which one is the best?

You could try optimizing your scene, render settings or potato.
I see.
Is there at least most effective tutorial for that? How does /3/ handle best rendering by optimizing scene, render settings, [spoiler:lit] and potato[/spoiler:lit]?

You either sacrifice graphical fidelity (lower res textures, lower polygon objects), quality (lower sample rates) or money (buy a new and better potato.)
Alright, and what do I need to buy to make it accessable? Not the PC atm.
use luxrender.
If you're trying to get OpenCL to work, just get a modern and decent AMD graphics card. CUDA is where the proper and mature GPU support for Blender is at so it would be best if you get a decent Nvidia card like a GTX 980 or something.

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