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Sup /3/.

I am trying to extract a character model from a unity game, and I'm fucking failing.
got the asset files, got the obj files from ninja ripper, got the shaders, the dds files, but this stuff is like chinese common core algebra to me.

So, bounty time. I have DAZ Studio 4 Pro ,Bryce 7 Pro, and Hexagon 2.5.

If someone can help me get this goddamn model done, you can have the software here.
>implying any one wants that shit software
>got obj
>got textures
Negro, what else you need? Animations?
help getting the textures fit on the thing without looking like throwup.
Sounds like you got an obj full of vertices and triangles, but didn't get the UV's. You might need to do a manual dump with Ninja Ripper.

Otherwise, you might consider Disunity, if you haven't done so already.


Just hope that the models are stored in one of the core formats, and not some obfuscated custom asset format.

What game and what character are you trying to rip?
disunity throws all sorts of errors, researched and it seems that it's due to the files being made with a more recent version of unity than it's used to.

I did dump with ninjaripper, since it was the only thing that gave me any sort of coherent output.
Well, you could also look into D3D/OpenGL interception tools. Some will be handy enough to dump meshes and textures into useful formats.

However, you'll need to do your own research. I've never used any of these tools and could not suggest any one in particular.

Also, what's the game? Tell us more; we might be able to point you to an already existing dump or model.
only one like that I've tried is 3dvia printscreen, caused the launcher to lock up and never show.

Game is Erotas Princess Knight Rucimia.

There's squat on the net.
Someone's already made an uncensor patch that happens to also work for that particular game, so I imagine that there is a well known asset extraction and replacement process.

Check out HongFire. A lot of patches get made by those guys, and they'll probably take you up on your bounty.

Assuming you haven't done so already.
yeah, the uncensor is just a DLL copy from another game. I"ll check there tho, thanks.
Another tool:
This apparently has updates for Unity 5. Disunity still lacks Unity 5 support, so this might work for you.

Same tool as above.
thanks, I'll give it a go
that tool can see the files, but it extracts everything as .dat, no matter what it is, and no program I use will do a damn thing with them.
File: This was the easy part.png (131.28 KB, 1094x342)
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131.28 KB PNG
Click on 'plugins.' There should be an option to export to .obj for meshes.

It's got problems with textures, though.

Just wait till you get stuff extracted. Ho-boy.

A lot of what makes the characters look the way that they do is due to shading. You might be able to import the models into Blender or what have you, but you won't get that exact look unless you can replicate what the shaders do.
still can't get the sin on the dang thing but this gave a much cleaner model.
>DAZ Studio 4 Pro ,Bryce 7 Pro, and Hexagon 2.5.
combined, that's about fifty dollars' worth of software considering the first is free, the second is bugged and the third is an argument for learning blender
I got them as a gift when they were new.

I'm aware that your downloads section will show you what the price was at the time of gift/purchase as opposed to now, but the public here might not be.
I didn't know they dropped so much. prob because I'm not their consumer base

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