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Anyone knows of a VR player that can handle STEREOSCOPIC SPERICAL renders?

I'm a blender user. I want to render my scenes to stereo equiangular and then view them in VR.

The blender gimps posted a build of blender here that has a camera for that:

Day after I asked them how to view renders from this camera they pulled the upload (or maybe it's a coincidence). I still have the files.

Whirligig has no option for viewing this format. He must have modified it somehow this format.

Does anyone know of a VR player that supports top-down stereo rectangular?
actually fuck blender and it's devs, I had enough
Just use VR Player and just set it to the appropriate settings. It should all be fairly self explanatory.
I made it work by changing the image in GIMP to side-by-side stereo and changing the settings in Whirligig:

It works correctly on the characters in the middle, it's positive parallax however there's some weird eye-straining occlusion shit happening on the grass. Especially around the rocks on the left hand side. I wonder if it's because the stereo camera is an awful hack or if they messed up the grass particles.
But why? Just use VR Player and set it to Above/Below and it'll do that for you.
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VR player doesn't have direct mode. To use extended mode I would have to downgrade to an older version of oculus runtime. Last time I did it the app still wouldn't work in extended.

Correction -- FOV should be 360 not 180.
When I look at the back of the sphere I see a weird seam. Grass still has weird occlusion. While stereo is OK the characters look stretched about 150% vertically.

I created a stereo camera using the blender build he uploaded and instructions. I managed to easily make a side-by side render but it also looks stretched vertically.
OK, I figured it out:

Format: Barrel SBS
Tilt: 0.0
FOV: 360
Radius: 10
Rotation: 0.0

It works with Whirligig

Time to make some cool renders

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