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What would be the best engine to recreate the roads in my country and drive on?

Like just the roads, so it can be done within a day. Kinda like cities skylines engine but then yeah you need to be able to actually drive yourself.
with roads i mean highways mainly (yes i dont live in the us so it could be done within a day)

but i need a nice engine for it, something understandable a bit like the road creator in Cities Skylines but then being able to drive yourself on it.

Once I Have made all the roads i can focus on scenery and signs but thats not important right now

Afterwards, use the paint-terrain tool to fix any surface penetration or floating.
i really dont even understand what this says, isnt there something easier?

You could draw it on paper with a stick of charcoal instead, it won't be interactive. But it's easier.
yes but i need it to be in a game
Then read >>498970
but is that big enough the cryengine?

wouldnt unreal engine be better for it?
WTF since when does cryengine cost money?

I remember trying this 3 years ago but it was free back then
Well it depends if you want RWD, AWD, or FWD. Id say go with a supra for RWD.

2JZ-GTE engine, replace the twin turbos with a single turbo, do some fuel mods and get it tuned and youll have a pretty good time recreating those roads.
File: 134339-IMG-1667PS[1].jpg (496.34 KB, 1200x845)
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Try this tool! When I was younger it felt like modern day driving experience!
it doesn't matter
Why was this carpet so damn popular?
>wants a "make game" button
keep waiting
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They made a lot of them.
I've seen this crown so many times I just take every cheap crown to be the exact same one now.

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