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So I'm trying to figure out 2 things in Hammer:
1: How do I make objects that share an animation sequence (like alchemist's head and body here) play their animation correctly in the map editor (left) the same way it does by default when I open both objects in the model editor? (right)

2: Can I freeze a dynamic prop mid-animation (like alchemist lying on the ground at the end of the death animation) and turn it into a static prop that holds the pose?

Is anybody familiar with Hammer able to help me out here?

For the record, what I'm trying to do is export obj files of models in different poses, which doesn't seem to be possible from the model editor itself, so I assume my only option is switching the model to a static prop, converting it to an editable mesh, and exporting as an obj.

Thanks in advance for any help!
This isn't the board for this

You can't export .OBJ in different 'poses'. You can export an OBJ with animations the same way you can export an OBJ that's rigged. They're just saved there like the same way a material is
Are you just talking generally or do you mean specifically in Hammer? If the latter, how do you export an obj with animations from Hammer?

universally OBJ things, it doesn't change for program

valve SDKs are made specifically for modding. Stumbling across them to make any 3D related assets is retarded.

When the official valve supported SDK doesn't have an ability it import .OBJ files to export to official Valve .SMDs for mods, I don't have much faith for them to be able to export .OBJs
>You can export an OBJ with animations the same way you can export an OBJ that's rigged.
Bruh, did you just start 3D yesterday? OBJ doesn't support bones or animation at all, it's not stored in the file in any way shape or form. You have to use a different file format.

>This isn't the board for this
Bitch, this is the ONLY board for this.
Hammer exports OBJs fine, it just doesn't include animations. All I need is a way to get a version of the model I can use in blender that isn't in the default pose. So getting the animations into blender, or turning a certain point of the animation into a static prop would work equally well.
export as .fbx
Blender has an SMD/DMX import plugin dude. That is the native format for source files. It will include the animations as well so you can scrub through them and get the pose you want. Use GCFScape to extract the model files from whatever source game you want (clearly Dota 2), and just directly import them to Blender. (Actually, they may be in an MDL archive first that needs to be unpacked, which you can use "Crowbar" for.)
Thanks I searched and downloaded the blender tools. Unfortunately it seems that crowbar doesn't work with the new vmdl files.
You wouldn't happen to know where I can find a tool that can unpack vmdl files would you? Or maybe just an archive or something where I can get the old source 1 files for dota 2?
Can't remember if the animations are included in the files, but you can try:

Try importing the FBX included.
Ya I've already been to that page and back, they don't include animations. Thanks anyway though.

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