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File: clothskinned.png (115.24 KB, 600x412)
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Hey guys, I've been trying to get this working for awhile now and I'm not sure where i'm going wrong.

Basically need to get a cloth sim into Unity. Unity's realtime cloth is pretty bad so we're looking for a prebaked solution.

I have the megafiers plugin which lets you play back a nCache but the issue with that is, since the clothing is a seperate mesh, when i blend the ncache for it to loop, it moves away from the character for a few frames.

I've tried placing an array of bones and parenting them to verts then baking the simulation to those bones. This works but when I try to skin the bones back to the mesh, it looks terrible and just deforms incorrectly no matter what skinning settings I use.

I've also tried using bone chains and creating ik spline handles and parenting them to a few curves on the mesh. I then bake this out and it all works fine until I try to skin it back and I get a similarly bad result.

I have no idea what im doing wrong at this point. I can't find much information on any of this on the web. I just need a way to get a decent looking cloth sim baked to a few bones so I can get it in game :(.
Hello, I can try to be of some help. I recently spent some time finding a way to export cloth simulations to the source engine. I am not familiar with unity, but from what i've gathered i believe you can export vertex animations. Anyway heres some links that helped me.

Their's a limit to the amount of bones that could be exported to the source engine, and it might be higher with unity. so i had to limit my cloth simulations to lower budgets. this tool helped transfer all the vertex animations baked out from a simulation to a bone node.

This thread then helped me use a turbosmooth poly mesh with the lower poly meshes animated bone structure.

anyways please see these two links, i used 3dsmax and it was a big hassle and took time to do this.

see this as well
Hey! thanks for the advice. Just before I saw this I actually stumbled upon a plugin that does it automatically.

Found a solution, wanted to update this for whoever is searching down the road. All of the above methods work fine, but after skinning the mesh back you will either have to get a better auto skin tool or paint weights. I was pointed to an incredible plugin by a member of the autodesk forums that does it automatically and I will be using that.

The plugin I mentioned (its a bit expensive)


its pretty pricey but it works great. I think its very similar to the tool you posted. Anyway thanks so much for the information :)
File: nClothJoints.jpg (405.93 KB, 969x754)
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Create an nCloth mesh with low-ish resolution
once it's made nCLoth, select edges where you want the joint chains to follow and convert edges to curves (make sure you keep history so the curves follow the nCloth )
create joint chain(s), snapping them to verts along the edges you chose to convert to curves
use Maya bonus tools "make joints dynamic", and select the nCloth setting.
Now the joint chains will have IK handles and follow the curves, which are attached to the nCloth.
Now skin your final output mesh to the joints.

>pic related

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