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File: helpafag.png (417.30 KB, 683x851)
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Could somebody please help out an architecture student? I'm at university right now and am having a hard time inserting this little map. I'm a faggot so I don't know any better. I don't know if it's because this is a student version or what not. I am rather poor so my laptop won't even run vector works.

Insert into what? (Not that I'll be able to help you, but you'll never get an answer if you don't give all relevant information in the question.)
I'm a architectural engineer. What do you want with this map? Edit it using vectorworks, or what?

I can't help you with Vectorworks unfortunately, but could help with ArchiCAD or PS.
File: AZU1.png (217.94 KB, 421x268)
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217.94 KB PNG

Hello OP, I have some things to tell you, please bear with me as I suspect that you are a first year student, and I want to tell you some things that I needed to know when I first started:

Are you going to UBC by any chance?
Did you know that Vector Works PAYS YOUR UNIVERSITY so that they teach you that garbage program instead of the industry standard (autocad, sketchup, 3DS Max, Rhino)?

Did you know that nobody will ever hire you as a draftsman or designer if you only know 'muhvectorworks'?

Please, ditch that garbage RIGHT NOW and explain to your teachers that you can't be wasting approx 100 hours learning a program that you will never EVER use professionally unless you become a garbage tier Landscape Designer.

Now moving on: I learned vectorworks when I didn't know better and I was just a little tortilla boy.

you need to "import" that map into stupid Vectorworks. There is an importing option but you gotta watch the scale, that can really throw you off.

In case you import it and it comes out all little, you gotta scale it, lets say that you know that the road is X meters trhick. Then draw a line that is X meters thick and stretch that map to the appropiate width.

Yes I know what you're thinking: "why not just rescale the map to the right size... etc". Dont even bother.

In related news: why are you even reading this, you are not supposed to use vectorworks.

Attached to this post is a little render im working on.


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