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In marvelous designer 5 I chose an avatar and hair and shoes and all the basic SHIT but I only see the default clothes but wireframed. Not even a wireframe of the avatar. Any fixes? Here's and image of exactly what it looks like when I first boot up.

I've seen this in several screenshots now, and it makes me wonder.

Is not having a titlebar a thing in Windows now? I used to just assume it was the software just taking a snapshot of the window itself, but you can see the taskbar in this one.
>Is not having a titlebar a thing in Windows now?

It was never not a thing, when you create a window in windows (via the windows API) you specify whether the window should have a title bar, be resizable, etc.

Think back to the last splash screen you saw while a software was loading. Or when you play a video game in "full screen" or "full screen borderless" mode

It's always been possible, sure. But you didn't often see it on apps. There were exceptions (winamp, for instance), but for most of Windows' history, the vast majority of apps have had titlebars.

What I'm asking is if that's become the current style. It's an honest question; I've been out of the Windows world for over a decade now.
For most professional software, yeah it has become the norm.

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