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Hello guys, I stumbled across a contest where we have to think and create a 3d model of a gadget to be used for the next james bond movie....
I cant think of any ideas yet, but what do you guys think? which one gadget should I make?
follow me on IG @un.holy if I wasn't any help
a watch that dispenses a condom
a gun that shoots comdoms
STD test cadget, in a form of a pen
Sonic shades
A robotic contact lens that you can pretend to look for to cause a scene, but the RB is actually a tracking device that crawls towards your target and sticks to the bottom of his/her shoe.
a dildo that shoots lube for when you want to stick it up the ass

a rape whistle, its like anti rape whistle but thios one start a rape

the possibilities are endless
>STD test cadget, in a form of a pen
Thats fucking genius.
Its something i want to have
No more wondering if that cheap whore you get has anything or not or should you cough up for a better escort

At lest first bond gadget that would seem useful outside of shitty writing deus ex machina ass pull situations

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