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How long would it take someone with no experience in 3dcg to learn to make psx era resident evil tier models?

Do you have artistic talent? Pretty rough learning curve, but doable.
Do you have 0 artistic talent? Maybe forever.
The most importaint part is painting textures by hand, when modelling you have to think in advance how you are going to texture it.

You better start learn painting 2d images(just regular drawing painting skills) and buy a wacoom, a small one is fine too (but I dont know about the newer bamboos, the older ones were better for fast drawing because they had more buttons)

Just making some low poly look a like polygon model is probably not that hard, even though you would have to know how to do proper deformation for animation, but without the proper textures its just a unreadable polygon mess.
Fuck whoever posted here.

Watch people with whatever program you chose model is the fastest way of learning how to model.

If I could tell my old self to skip trying to make characters the traditional, box model way, I would of.

Make assets like buildings, doors, etc in Maya/Blender/3ds, and leave characters to be sculpted in Zbrush.

I was about to quit modeling, because initial ways of modeling (box modeling) is about as artist friendly as my asshole.

tl;dr Learn how to box model. Take it a step further to sculpting. Watch people sculpt/model to become better.
Word around the campfire is that your asshole is pretty welcoming, anon.

To answer your actual question, unlike literally everyone else in this thread has done, if you're a reasonably smart guy, you can learn Maya or Blender or something like them in a month or so (much less if you know other 3d packages,but you don't), and then it'll take you another month or two to reach PSX level modeling, counting good edge flow and textures. If you are very smart or work obsessively, you can do it in less time. If you are an idiot or a slacker, it will take much, much longer, or you may not ever get there.

Get a good basic tutorial series for whatever program you are going to start with (I honestly recommend either Maya's student license or Blender so you don't have to drop a bunch of cash before you even know if you like it). I think Lynda.com has a free 10 day trial right now, and I personally really like their "essential training" sets for learning new programs. Those may seem overwhelming at first for a newbie though.

DO NOT try tolearn ZBrush first. I know, there is a fucking ton of awesome shit made in it, and more comes out every day, but learning ZBrush first would actually hurt you ability to learn the base packages first, imo. It's just so different than anything else out there...

Anyway, good luck OP. Don't let any grabassery you read in the threads here derail you, put in the time, and learn from everyone you can.

>psx style models
Do you know how to draw/paint? If you do, it shouldn't take much time at all. If your artistically retarded though, could take years.

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