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File: Untitled.png (37.26 KB, 1695x764)
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Very new to blender, and honestly 3d modeling in general. How would I go about making this mouth have teeth like the crappy one I drew in the pic?
enter edit mode and create loop cuts then extrude the faces of the mesh outwards until you have teeth.
File: Untitled.png (44.70 KB, 1317x857)
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ok i got this far
what the fuck are you doing....
i dont really know thats the point.

I know what I WANT to do though
The problem is that this won't translate well into 3D at all. You could just have the basic grin shape as it is now and paint the teeth on it.
Modeling the teeth like that will most probably look horrible though.
maybe just having the lines in between the teeth be slightly sunken in??
The one you drew is what you have on the left.

The picture never put gaps between the teeth, so there you go you hit your goal.
Stop trying to fly before you can crawl; go learn the fricking basics you FRICKEN FRICK

Also try to understand that your drawing is useless trash because it isn't based on anything real; the black space in teeth is caused by shadow, caused by an absence of something for light to hit.

That's why when you use concept art it has to try to convey somewhat "real" (albeit exaggerated, in the case of a cartoon character) information.

Now go do every youtube Blender tutorial starting with that white coffee cup everyone does
>coffee cup
kek that shits too basic


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